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Dynamics & Structure - Highlights

08.01-02.2023 Hybrid First Experiments Workshop for Coherent Surface Scattering Imaging (CSSI) Beamline 9ID at the APS. Registration Deadline July 17, 2023.  
07.18-19.2023 Hybrid First Experiments Workshop for X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (XPCS) Beamline 8ID at the APS Registration Deadline June 27, 2023.  
06.06.2023 Tracking solid-like to fluid-like state transitions in colloidal glasses, APS Science Highlights  
05.01-02.2023 2023 APS/CNM Users Meeting will host APS Workshop 4: "Materials Discovery with Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy."  
04.28.2023 Team IDs Emergence of Surprising Layers in Nanomaterlal by Scott Schrage, Nebraska Today  
04.27.2023 Molecular Teamwork is Key to Efficient Organic Semiconductors, by Jenna Kurtzeill and Andre Salles, Argonne Press Release  
04.25.2023 Argonne’s Self-Driving Lab Accelerates the Discovery Process for Materials with Multiple Applications, by Joseph Harmon, Argonne Press Release  
04.21.2023 Flipping a Switch in Cooperative Crystals, APS Science Highlights  
04.13.2023 Narayanan Completes Distinguished Leadership Program, APS/User News  
01.2023 A Computing Hardware Approach Aspires to Emulate the Brain, by David Kramer, Physics Today. See Argonne Press Release.  
01.17.2023 Probing the Diffusion of Active Viruses, APS Science Highlights  
01.09.2023 Probing the Phase Dynamics of a Complex Oxide, APS Science Highlights  
12.22.2022 Wearable, Flexible Electronics Head List of Argonne Breakthroughs for 2022, by Jared Sagoff, Argonne Feature Story  
12.19.2022 Structuring Liquids with Nanoparticle Assemblies, by Neil Savage, APS Science Highlights  
11.21.2022 Stretchable Organic Transistors for Biomedical Applications, by Phillip Koth, APS Science Highlights  
11.16.2022 Skin-like Electronics Could Monitor Your Health Continuously, by Joseph E. Harmon, Argonne Press Release  
10.24.2022 Grazing-Incidence X-rays Illuminate Solar Cell Film Formation Mechanisms, APS Science Highlights  
10.10.2022 Through Thick and Thin: X-rays Track the Behavior of Soft Materials, by Joan Koka, Argonne Press Release  
10.03.2022 Deconstruction Site: 8-ID Beamlines Ready for Their Upgrades by Marguerite Huber, APS/User News  
09.19.2022 Solvent Study Solves Solar Cell Durability Puzzle, by Mike Williams, Rice News  
07.25.2022 Relaxing with Soft Matter, APS Science Highlights  

Sliding into place: Study shows how cartilage interacts with the joints in our bodies by Jake Malooley, APS/User News

06.22.2021 Blue Animals Are Different From All the Rest, APS/User News  
06.01.2021 (Solar) Power to the Perovskites, APS Science Highlights  

2021 APS/CNM Users Meeting Workshops Spotlight XPCS Science



Watching the Evolution of Nanostructures in Thin Films, DOE Basic Energy Sciences, BES Highlights  
03.16.2021 Strong and Resilient Synthetic Tendons Produced from Hydrogels, APS Science Highlights  
02.25.2021  UCLA Materials Scientists Show Way to Make Durable Artificial Tendons from Improved Hydrogels, UCLA Samueli School of Engineering Press Release  
12.10.2020 Perovskite-Based X-ray Detector a Top Ten Breakthrough of the Year, Physics World  
04.16.2020 Thin-Film Perovskite Detector Slashes Imaging Dose, Physics World  

Battery of Tests: Scientists Figure Out How to Track What Happens inside Batteries, Argonne Press Release


Slow Flow and Sudden Avalanches Relax Stress in Glasses APS Science Highlights


Printing Ultrathin 2-D Polymer Electronics APS Science Highlights


Reversible Isomerization Reaction Drives a COF-Based Humidity Sensor APS Science Highlights


An X-ray Waveguide Probe into Ultra-thin Nanostructure Films APS Science Highlights

05.15.2020 True Colors: Using X-rays to Trace the Evolution of Insects' Structural Colors Argonne Press Release  
04.28.2020 A Novel Organic Dye Nanoassembly Harnesses Light To Drive Chemical Changes APS Science Highlights  

Argonne Scientists Fashion New Class of X-ray Detector APS/User News


Hsinhan (Dave) Tsai Earns the 2020 APSUO Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award APS/User News

02.19.2020 DOE Light Sources Form Data Solution Task Force APS/User News  
12.19.2019 Study: Stress Changes the Normal Aging Process of Metallic Glasses, University of Illinois Press Release  
07.18.2019 Understanding Electron and Ion Transport in Organic Semiconductors Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering  
05.03.2019 New Polymer Films Conduct Heat Instead of Trapping It, APS Science Highlight  
06.21.2018 Three Argonne Scientists Receive DOE Early Career Awards, Joan Koka, Argonne Press Release  
05.08.2018 In Situ Rheology, SAXS, and XPCS for the Study of Soft Matter, Joint APS/CNM Workshop WK 5, Argonne Users Meeting 2018Organizers: Xiao-Min Lin, Suresh Narayanan and Alec Sandy   
04.16.2018 Light 'Relaxes' Crystal to Boost Solar Cell Efficiency, Mike Williams, APS Science Highlight  
04.13.2018 Through Thick and Thin, Karen Fellner, Argonne Feature Story  
01.18.2018 Unravelling the Mystery of Nanoparticle-Reinforced Polymers APS Science Highlights  
01.11.2018 US Scientists User Additives to Improve Performance of Organic Solar Cells PV Magazine   
01.09.2018 Going Organic Argonne Press Release  

Gel Formation Revealed APS Science Highlights

12.05.2017 Creeping of Striped Nanodomains in Nominal Atomic Layers of Ferroelectrics APS Science Highlights  

APS Science 2016 Highlights Work from Time Resolved Research

06.07.2017 APS Colloquium: ‘X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy: Past, Present and Future’ by Mark Sutton  
05.03.2017 APS-U Workshop for the CSSI Beamline, Building 402, Room E1100-E1200  
05.02.2017 APS-U Workshop for the XPCS Beamline, Building 402, Room E1100-E1200  
04.24.2017 The 2017 CAP Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Physics is Awarded to Mark Sutton, Canadian Association of Physicists Press Release  
04.11.2017 Self-Assembling Polymers Provde Thin Nanowire Template Argonne Today  
04.07.2017 Block Copolymers Guide Fabrication of Next-Generation Computer Chips, Materials Today  
04.05.2017 Small Particles Untangle Polymer Chains,  
03.27.2017 A Big Leap Toward Tinier Lines, David L. Chandle, MIT News Office  
10.27.2016 Flipped Crystals May Aid Solar Cells APS Science Highlight  
06.13.2016 Tobin Marks Wins the 2017 Priestley Medal Chemical and Engineering News  
04.01.2016 A Radar Gun for Unruly Atoms APS Science Highlights  
03.31.2016 A Radar Gun for Unruly Atoms University of Vermont University Communications  
03.08.2016 Time-Resolved X-Ray Imaging Reveals Mesoscopic Structural Dynamics Argonne Today  
03.03.2016 Multilayer Block Copolymer Meshes Argonne Today  
03.02.2016 Organic Semiconductor-Containing Supramolecules Argonne Today  
02.17.2016 Titania Thin Films Argonne Today  
02.11.2016 High-Performance Solar Cells Argonne Today  
02.10.2016 Coherent Acoustic Phonons Argonne Today  
02.09.2016 Hairy Nanoparticles Argonne Today  
02.08.2016 Dynamics of Nanoparticles Argonne Today  
01.2016 High-Performance XPCS Data Reduction Using Argonne's Virtualized Computing Resource APS Newsletter  
01.14.2016 New Morphologies in Thin Films Argonne Today  
01.11.2016 Nanostructured Block Copolymer Electrolytes Argonne Today  
12.29.2015 Perovskite Photovoltaics Argonne Today  
12.23.2015 10 Cool Science and Technology Stories from Argonne in 2015 (#6)  
12.23.2015 Supramolecular Packing Argonne Today  
08.03.2015 Scientists Can Now Make Nanoparticle Sheets that Curl Right Up Gizmodo  
08.03.2015 Scientists Curve Nanoparticle Sheets into Complex Forms R & D Magazine  
07.31.2015 Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me: Scientists Curve Nanoparticle Sheets into Complex Forms Argonne Press Release  
07.27.2015 Macrophase Separation Argonne Today   
07.22.2015 Reversible Thermal Stiffening Argonne Today   
07.02.2015 Improving Ternary Blend Solar Cells Argonne Today  
06.25.2015 Soft Nanoparticles Argonne Today  
06.19.2015 Janus-like Nanoparticles Argonne Today  
06.17.2015 Nanoscale Asymmetry Leads to Janus-like Nanoparticle Membranes Nanowerk  
06.16.2015 Nanoscale Asymmetry Leads to Janus-like Nanoparticle Membranes CNM Press Release  
06.16.2015 Bug Colors Argonne Today  
05.28.2015 Shrinking Integrated Circuits Argonne Today  
05.06.2015 Nanoparticle Assemblies Argonne Today   
03.04.2015 Argonne Research Expanding from Injectors to Inhalers  
02.18.2015 Shape-shifting Groups of Nanorods Release Heat Differently  
11.21.2014 Disorder in Polymer Solar Cells  
10.07.2014 Enhancing Solar Cells  
09.12.2014 Lightweight Solar Cells  
06.18.2014 Supramolecular Nanocomposites  
11.25.2013 Water-Like Properties of Soft Nanoparticle Suspensions  
06.25.2013 Organic Polymers Show Sunny Potential  
03.14.2013 Watching a Protein as it Functions  
03.14.2013 Shedding Light on Chemistry with a Biological Twist  
02.11.2013 Probing Ultrafast Solvation Dynamics with HighRepetition-Rate Laser/X-ray Methodologies  
02.08.2013 The Electronic Origin of Photoinduced Strain  
09.24.2012 Dynamics of Polymer Chains Atop Different Materials  
05.18.2012 Unlocking the Nanoscale Secrets of Bird-Feather Colors  
01.06.2012 Peering into the Interfaces of Nanoscale Polymeric Materials