The Advanced Photon Source
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2021 Users Meeting Program Information

APS CNM 2021 Users Meeting

2021 Users Meeting Program Information

APS WK#1: Ultrafast X-ray Techniques for Monitoring Dynamic Structural and Electronic Responses at the Nanoscale

CNM WK#2: Collaborations Opportunities for Industry with CNM

Joint APS/CNM WK#3: Interpreting Hierarchal Data at Nanocenters and X-ray User Facilities

APS Training #4: A Tutorial Workshop on XPCS for Probing Dynamics in Soft and Hard Matter

Joint APS/CNM WK#5: Applications of AI/ML to Real-time Multi-modal Analysis at Synchrotron Light Sources and Electron Microscopes

APS Training #6: Dynamic X-ray Crystallography

APS WK#7: Wide-angle X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy and Application of Speckle Spatio-temporal Correlation in Materials

Joint APS/CNM WK#8: Dynamics in Soft Matter with Emphasis on Complex Fluids

APS WK#9: Advances in COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Enabled by Structural Biology Research

APS Training#10: Data Analysis School on X-ray Scattering from Liquid Interfaces

CNM WK#11: Hybrid Quantum Systems

APS WK#12: Multi-scale X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging Using Multiple APS Beamlines

CNM Short Course A: Thin Film Deposition




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