Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is responsible for advising the APS Associate Laboratory Director in the following areas:

  • To evaluate the scientific output and facility utilization for all APS sectors.
  • To examine performance and recommend appropriate beamtime allocation for existing Collaborative Access Teams (CATs).
  • To evaluate Letters of Intent and scientific proposals for new and reconstituted CATs.
  • To provide advice to and review decisions by APS management on special operations support for CATs.
  • To review Special Program proposals, a new mode of access that will guarantee 10-30% the beam time per year on any sector for a finite period of time.
  • To assist the APS with development of policies and other issues as appropriate.



2019 APS Scientific Advisory Committee

from left:  Anders Madsen, Keith Brister, Gayle Woloschak, Jim Penner-Hahn, David Shapiro, Joseph Kline, Cynthia Wolberger, Stephen Streiffer, Mark Sutton, Lyle Levine, Michael Toney, Kevin Jones, Conal Murray, Laura Greene, Steve Almo

2014 APS Scientific Advisory Committee

Front, from left: Jean L. Jordan-Sweet, Sunil Sinha, Stephen Streiffer (Acting Director, APS), Janos Kirz, Ka Yee C. Lee, Britt Hedman. Back, from left: Mark Sutton, Don Brown, Dan Neumann, Philip H. Bucksbaum, John E. Johnson, Mark Rivers, Soichi Wakatsuki, Roberto Felici, Roger A. Leach, Robert Schoenlein.



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