The Advanced Photon Source
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News Archive


12.18.2014 Employee Spotlight: Marvin Cummings
12.12.2014 Marvin Cummings Elected Vice President of the Argonne Postdoctoral Society
12.06.2014 Symposium at 2014 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
12.02.2014 Powerful new technique simultaneously determines nanomaterials' chemical makeup, topography
11.09.2014 Public Lecture at Vernon Area Public Library
11.08.2014 5th Multidisciplinary Science Forum of the JSPS US Alumni Association
11.05.2014 Two Good Things That Are Better Together: STM and X-ray Synchrotron Microscopy
11.01.2014 Elemental fingerprinting becomes CNM Success Story
10.31.2014 12th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy in Melbourne, Australia
10.27.2014 Direct chemical contrast in STM imaging becomes available with new technique
10.01.2014 Research covered in Discover Magazine
09.29.2014 Nanotechnology Symposium in Texcoco, Mexico
09.19.2014 Re-centering the Humanities
09.14.2014 20th Users’ Meeting at NSRRC Taiwan
09.11.2014 US Patent Application Publication published
09.09.2014 Visit at National Taiwan University
08.05.2014 Japanese experts visit to discuss photo-excited STM
07.31.2014 NSS-8 Nanoscale Conference in Chicago
06.11.2014 Anders Mikkelsen presents seminar
05.14.2014 APS/CNM/EMC Users Meeting 2014
03.31.2014 Q & A Interview at AAAS Meeting in Chicago
03.11.2014 Guest graduate student Hao Chang joins the SXSPM team
02.26.2014 Seminar presented at Brookhaven National Laboratory
02.21.2014 Radio interview with The Science Show on ABC Australia
02.18.2014 Picasso, Scanning Probes, and Family Science at the AAAS Meeting in Chicago
01.29.2014 Featured Video: A Look Inside Argonne's Center for Nanoscale Materials
01.22.2014 Art Meets Science at the Family Science Day
01.20.2014 Invited talk presented at PCSI-41


12.19.2013 International Workshop on Nanoscale Spectroscopy and Nanotechnology (NSS-8) announced
12.17.2013 Closing the year with SX-STM beamtime
11.27.2013 Researchers from NSLS-II visit SXSPM team at Argonne
11.11.2013 Cummings presents invited talk at magnetism meeting
11.11.2013 Invited talk at ACSIN-12 & ICSPM21 in Japan
11.01.2013 Nanoscience Seminar presented at Tokyo University
10.21.2013 Scientists study old photos for new solutions to corrosion
10.04.2013 Using x-rays to analyze cultural heritage
09.30.2013 Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science workshop
09.02.2013 Shirato presents invited talk at SPIE conference
08.31.2013 Seminar presented at Ohio University
08.16.2013 Training next-generation scientists at NX School
07.08.2013 Visiting graduate student Jan Meyburg spends summer at Argonne
06.25.2013 New paper published in Review of Scientific Instruments
06.14.2013 Scientists combine X-rays and microscopes for precise experiments
05.21.2013 Essay identifies SXSPM as future opportunity for US Department of Energy Nanoscale Science Research Centers
05.15.2013 Advanced Functional Material covers work in Vol. 23 Issue 20
05.09.2013 APS CNM EMC 2013 Users Meeting
05.06.2013 Research visit at The University of Duisburg-Essen
04.30.2013 Meeting with Vice President of Science from Aix Marseille University
04.26.2013 International conference ImagineNano brings together nanoscience and nanotechnology
04.14.2013 Editors of Review of Scientific Instruments recognize outstanding and exceptional reviewers
04.12.2013 Postdoc Benjamin Stripe covered on Argonne Employee Spotlights
04.08.2013 Rose selected to participate in the Strategic Laboratory Leadership Program
03.20.2013 Fingerprinting near to far field transitions on Cu(111) induced by synchrotron radiation
02.05.2013 Nanomaterials Lecture at Northwestern University


12.21.2012 Beamtime with Santa
12.05.2012 Following the tradition: Center for Nanoscale Materials Colloquium Series
11.26.2012 Postdoctoral researcher Nozomi Shirato is newest addition to the team
11.19.2012 Marvin Cummings joins the team as postdoctoral researcher
11.12.2012 Visiting scientist Woei Wu Larry Pai from Taiwan helps to improve electronics
11.06.2012 Detlef Diesing from University Duisburg-Essen presents XSD seminar
11.02.2012 Invited talk at AVS 59th International Symposium and Exhibition
10.31.2012 Keynote lecture presented at the 5th International Symposium on Atomically Controlled Fabrication Technology
10.29.2012 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: an Argonne Perspective
10.25.2012 Visit of RIKEN SPring-8 lays the groundwork for international collaboration on SX-STM
10.05.2012 Presentation given at APS Advisory Committee meeting
10.04.2012 Benjamin Stripes joins as postdoc on the XRF in-situ project
09.14.2012 Keynote lecture presented at Trends in NanoTechnology 2012
08.24.2012 Novel topography-filter commissioned during beamtime at APS/CNM sector 26
08.08.2012 11th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy in Shanghai, China
08.03.2012 Invited colloquium at National Taiwan University
08.02.2012 Typhoon Saola causes cancelation of invited talk at Taiwan synchrotron
08.01.2012 Invited talk at National Taiwan Normal University
07.18.2012 Research presented at triennial DOE review of the Electron Microscopy Center
06.11.2012 Rose to give XSD Presentation
06.06.2012 Curt Preissner joins as mechanical engineer
05.17.2012 2 Postdoc positions immediately available
05.16.2012 APS News covers DOE award
05.10.2012 Volker Rose receives $2,500,000 Department of Energy Early Career Award