The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

SXSPM People

Team Members
  Dr. Volker Rose
Principle Investigator
Physicist &
Adj. Professor Ohio University

phone 630.252.9849

cell 630.915.5409

  Dr. Nozomi ​Shirato Assistant Physicist e-mail

phone 630.252.1011


Anh Tgo Postdoc for XTIP Dr. Anh Tgo Postdoctoral Researcher (SX-STM theory) e-mail
  Hao Chang PhD student e-mail
Research Program Collaborators
  Dr. Saw-Wai Hla Ohio University, Professor of Physics & Astronomy; Center for Nanoscale Materials, Group Leader QEM e-mail, e-mail
  Daniel Rosenmann Center for Nanoscale Materials, Principal Engineering Specialist e-mail
Other Collaborators
4-ID-C Team X-ray Science Division Info
Dr. Marvin Cummings Advanced Photon Source - MIC/SXSPM Postdoctoral researcher 11.2012-05.2016
Dr. Heath Kersell Advanced Photon Source - MIC/SXSPM Postdoctoral researcher 9.2015-12.2015
Dr. Benjamin Stripe Advanced Photon Source - MIC/SXSPM Postdoctoral researcher 10.2012-02.2015
Jan Philipp Meyburg University Duisburg-Essen Visiting Graduate Student 07.2013-08.2013
Dr. Esmeralda Yitamben Center for Nanoscale Materials - XMG Postdoctoral Researcher 08.2012 - 03.2013
Dr. Woei Wu Larry Pai National Taiwan University Visiting Scientist 11.2012
Dr. Kangkang Wang Center for Nanoscale Materials - EMMD Postdoctoral Appointee 02.2012 - 08.2012
Prof. Akira Saito Osaka University Visiting Scientist 2011
Dr. TeYu Chien Magnetic Materials Group Postdoctoral Researcher 2010-2011
Prof. Vidya Madhavan Boston College Visiting Scientist 2010
Marvin Cummings Rice University Visiting Graduate Student 08.2009 - 02.2010