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Visiting scientist Woei Wu Larry Pai from Taiwan helps to improve electronics

Larry Pai visits SXSPM projectWoei Wu Pai joint the SXSPM project as a visiting scientist from November 4-10, 2012. His visit had the goal to improve the electronics of the SXSTM V2 system in order to allow remote access to the coarse motion of the scanning probe. Woei Wu Pai is a research fellow in the Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (CCMS) at National Taiwan University (NTU). He received his bachelor degree in physics from NTU in 1988, and Ph.D. in Physics from University of Maryland at college park in 1996. From 1996 to 1999, he worked as postdoc associates in the Solid State Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the physics department at University of Tennessee. Dr. Pai returned to Taiwan in 1999 as an assistant research fellow. Today, he leads a Surface Nanoscience Laboratory at CCMS. His current research focuses on surface science using advanced scanning probe microscopy. In particular, his research concerns surface dynamics and morphological evolution, thin film growth and self-organization of quantum dots, molecular adsorption and the substrate response, and fundamental issues in the interplay between growth and electronic structures in the nanoscale regime. During his invited research visit he also presented a joint APS/CNM seminar on “Unrippling and Imaging of Extra-large Free-standing Graphene with Atomic Precision”.