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Guest graduate student Hao Chang joins the SXSPM team

 Hao ChangHao Chang is a graduate student in Condensed Matter Physics at Ohio University. He joins the X-ray science division at Argonne as a Guest Graduate from March through August, 2014. His visit is supported through the Division of Scientific User Facilities, Office of Basic Energy Sciences of the U.S. Department of Energy through Grant SC70705.

Hao has experimental skills in molecule/single atom manipulation using ultra-high vacuum, low temperature STM. Much of his work at Ohio University has focused on detecting the superconductivity of size-dependent molecule (BETS)2GaCl4, where BETS is bis(ethylenedithio)tetraselenafulvalene), at low temperature (~ 8 K) and on the analysis of evolution of the surface state on the Ag(111) surface and at the interface between Ag(111) and (BETS)2GaCl4 layer.

At Argonne Hao will help to build the new SXSPM V3 system.