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Picasso, Scanning Probes, and Family Science at the AAAS Meeting in Chicago

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Representatives from the SXSPM team have played an active role in the 2014 AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago. A roundup of these events is below:

News Briefing:
The researchers Jens Stenger (Yale University), Richard Van Duyne (Northwestern University), Joris Dik (Delft University of Technology), and Volker Rose (Argonne) gave a news conference related to the session "Reconstructing and Deconstructing Paintings: Innovations At and Below the Surface". See news coverage at the bottom.

Reconstructing and Deconstructing Paintings: Innovations At and Below the Surface:
Moderated by a museum leader, this symposium presented cross-disciplinary and international perspectives on the scientific study of paintings from all ages. It included an address by Argonne Lab's Volker Rose on the topic "Picasso at the Nanoscale: Investigating the Chemistry of Iconic Paints."

Exploring the Foundations of Magnetism with New Nanoscale Probes:
Studies of the small-scale behavior of tiny magnets and their interfaces with other materials have become essential for global challenges in health and sustainability. This symposium brought together prominent researchers from around the world who are pioneering approaches to probe the foundations of nanoscale magnetism. Argonne Laboratory's Volker Rose addressed the topic, "Synchrotron X-Ray Scanning Tunneling Microscopy."

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Meet the Scientists: Part of the Family Science Days Activities:
This event, which was held at the Riverside Center of the Hyatt Regency Chicago, included the presentation: "Art Meets Science: Picasso at the Nanoscale:" by Volker Rose, Argonne Lab physicist, who showed how extremely precise microscopy allowed scientists to prove that Picasso used common house paint rather than traditional artists' paint in some of his artwork. Postdoctoral researcher Nozomi Shirato also participated in the Family Science Day by supporting Argonne's booth at this event.