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Using x-rays to analyze cultural heritage

SLAC Cantor Center Cultural Heritage seminar

From October 1-2, 2013, a workshop at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the Cantor Art Museum at Stanford University brought together students and other interested researchers from a variety of disciplines with the leading scientists working in the field of synchrotron analysis of cultural heritage. The participants learned about the latest research on the use of synchrotrons to analyze cultural heritage, obtained hands on experience with the examination and treatments of synchrotron derived data, and had a tour of the SSRL facility with a particular emphasis on the imaging microscopy beamlines. In his invited presentation X-rays Paint a Picture of Picasso’s Pigments Volker Rose highlighted recent projects that were carried out at the APS/CNM sector 26 using high-resolution x-ray microscopy. He also outlined new capabilities and techniques that can further stimulate nanoscale research in the area of cultural heritage.

Fluorescence maps showing the correlation of zinc oxide pigments (labeled Zn) and iron (Fe) impurities in the house paint “Ripolin blanc de neige,” originally sold in France.