Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Lesson Module A-2: Comprehensive Floor Coordinator Tasks


This learning module lists, by category, Floor Coordinator (FC) task responsibility.

Upon completion of this module, the reader should have a clear overall understanding of the basic operations and facility tasks that are required of a floor coordinator. Details relative to the operations and facility tasks are the subject matter of subsequent Lesson Modules. It is important for the reader to know, at the outset, the contents of the course of study that follows.

Many duties of the Floor Coordinator are operations-related.

  • The FC acts as an operations coordinator. This role encompasses many duties. FCs are to:
    • Provide shift operations coverage as assigned.
    • Assist where needed during non-user beam time.
    • Fill the roll of "On-call" coordinator during machine shutdowns.
    • Record events as they occur in the Floor Coordinator Shift Log.
    • Understand and act on Control Room information and announcements.
    • Disseminate log book, EPICS screens, and beam history information.
    • Understand support systems, such as Personnel Safety System (PSS), Insertion Device (ID), and water and vacuum systems, well enough to determine faults, trouble-shoot, and seek the appropriate assistance from systems managers.
    • Receive, post, monitor, and distribute Experimental Safety Approval Forms (ESAFs).
    • Preserve components under Configuration Control or Radiation Safety System (RSS) components, post Configuration Control Work Permits (CCWPs) and Health Physics Type C Survey Info forms, and arrange for Health Physics surveys.
    • Communicate effectively the APS policies to the users.
    • Maintain beamline control during beam-on conditions.


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