Advanced Photon Source

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Lesson Module A-3: The On-Shift Floor Coordinator


At this point the floor coordinator in training has some familiarity with the APS facility (Lesson Module A-1) and is familiar with the comprehensive FC task list (Lesson Module A-2), which includes operations, facilities, and user-related responsibilities.This lesson module directs the new floor coordinator's attention to what should take place when they arrive to work their shift and explains what a typical shift is like.

Upon completion of this module, the FC should have confidence in participating in the shift exchange. The guide is intended to assure that an adequate transfer of information takes place.

The tasks include (but are not limited to) the following activities:

Arrival Time It is good practice to arrive to work earlier than the start time of your shift. This allows for the proper preparation required before the shift begins. 
Read the Shift Log Review the events that occurred during the previous shift(s). Make note of any changes to Standing Orders, Operational procedures, Hazardous Materials experiments running, etc. 
Check the EPICS screens 
  • How many Users are taking beam? 
  • What is the stored current? 
  • What is the current Fill Pattern? 
  • Who are the Main Control Room (MCR) Operators on duty? 
Call the On Shift FC or visit the MCR Inform the current on-shift FC that you have arrived, or if you are taking the shift from the MCR operators, visit the Main Control Room.
Obtain the on-call phone Meet with the FC or MCR Operator(s) who is currently on shift and review the occurrences during their shift. Ask questions pertaining to events that may take place on your shift. Take possession of the on-call phone; users, MCR operators, and system managers will page 2-0101 or use the online FC request page to contact you with questions or concerns.

These steps should be followed in order to be adequately prepared for the shift ahead.

Some useful questions to ask the Floor Coordinator or MCR Operator(s) that you are relieving are:

  • Are there any experiments involving radioactive, biohazard, or other hazardous material samples--what and where?
  • Are there any PSS issues that require attention?
  • Was it necessary to use the Call-In lists during the previous shift?
  • Will there be any need for Health Physics during the current shift?
  • Have there been any changes to the Standing Orders? 
  • Are there any proprietary experiments running -- where?


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