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Lesson Module A-6: Beamline Hardware and Optical Components


This learning module provides information regarding the major beam line hardware and optical components for an existing Insertion Device beamline. For the sake of study, the 3-ID beamline is used to demonstrate the type of equipment that can be found in an operational beamline.

This lesson focuses on the First Optical Enclosure (FOE) components because it is typically in this region where beam sculpturing and radiation management is prominently accomplished. The FOE is rarely used for experimental purposes; rather it is used for beam conditioning. Beam conditioning refers to both geometrical considerations and thermal heat management. The geometrical aspects are related to radiation management as well.

Nearly all beamlines will have immediately downstream of the Front End:

  • a beam window (or a differential pump system)
  • an aperture that defines the beam
  • a bremsstrahlung collimator
  • most likely a monochromator
  • and possibly one or two mirror tanks.

A shutter located at the end of the FOE is used to control the downstream propagation of the beam. The shutter often includes a component known as a “white beam stop”.

A Floor Coordinator must be aware that a number of important beamline requirements are being managed by the components in the FOE. Beam is transported beyond the FOE down the axis of a shielded or non-shielded pipe into another enclosure. The downstream enclosures are tailored to the specific needs of the X-Ray Science Division (XSD) Beamlines and Collaborative Access Teams (CATs).


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