Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Lesson Module A-13: Beamline Activity Approval Forms


This module explains the use of beamline activity approval forms, of which there are three types:

  • Commissioning Activity Approval (CAA)
  • APS Beamline Operations Approval (BOA)
  • Experiment Safety Approval Form (ESAF)

Whatever the beamline activity, it must be documented under one of these forms.The FC is responsible for posting the appropriate forms in the beamline cabinet, and for assuring that all necessary safety and operational concerns have been addressed.APS Enable may not be granted for the commencement of operation by the FC unless all items of the Beamline Safety Checklist have been completed and a valid CAA, BOA, or ESAF is posted.At the conclusion of this module, the reader should have sufficient confidence to manage these forms appropriately.

Prerequisite:Lesson Module A-10, Required Beamline Cabinet Information


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