Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Lesson Module A-16: Turning the Key


This Lesson Module describes the use of the APS Enable Key, the PSS Trip, and PSS Fault Keys. Upon completion of this module, the reader should clearly understand when it is appropriate to grant the permissions that are associated with these keys.

APS Enable

APS Enable is an extremely important administrative tool. Its granting to a User implies that a beamline has met all of the initial operational criteria as set forth by APS Management. Failure to comply with APS policies and procedures, ANL Environment, Safety, & Health guidelines, or the XSD/CAT Safety Plan on the part of a User would merit the removal of their ability to operate their beamline (i.e. the removal of APS Enable).

When a beamline is constructed, its shielding needs to be verified as being leak-tight to ensure that no radiation is escaping the enclosures. Once this process has been completed, a beamline has the ability to receive beam, but that is not the only criterion that has to be met before a User can run their experiment. Administratively, there are other requirements that have to be satisfied. Since the Floor Coordinator possesses the ability to grant APS Enable, they have to make sure that all of the requirements have been met by the User before the key can be turned.


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