Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Lesson Module A-1: Architecture of the APS Facility


This learning module provides information regarding the major facility components, assemblies, and functions.

Upon completion of this module, the reader should have a clear understanding of the basic layout of the APS. The need for this understanding arises because new coordinators may find themselves overwhelmed by the size of the overall APS facility. Everyone appreciates knowledge of where they fit in to the grand scheme of things. This module defines where it is we, and the user community, work. It shows the characteristics of the facility that define the APS work environment. The transition from stored beam (electrical charge) to x-rays is also introduced. The module is not intended to be an in-depth technical accelerator instruction.

Since the X-Ray Sciences Division User Administration and Support Group (APS User Office), has already prepared this information, we will use their tutorial.

Follow the link to the Overview of the Advanced Photon Source to begin the tutorial. After reading through the overview, continue through the APS Systems Map, Linear Accelerator, Booster Synchrotron, Storage Ring, Insertion Devices, Experiment Hall, and finally LOMs and Beamlines sections. These will provide a rough idea of the layout of the APS facility and the function of each area.

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