Advanced Photon Source

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Lesson Module A-17: Standing Orders


This learning module defines how the Floor Coordinator Standing Orders are created and implemented. Upon completion of this module the reader should be able to locate where the Standing Orders are on the web, interpret them properly, and understand their implications.

The Standing Orders link can be found on the AES-UES home page under the blue menu on the left side of the page. The information provided comes from AES management and supercedes any existing operational conditions. This information is updated by the Standing Orders custodian the moment a change occurs. A Floor Coodinator should check this page in order to ensure that they are aware of all non-standard operational information.

Occassionally there arise operational conditions that require additional instructions to insure the safety of personnel and equipment. When such a condition arises AES Management addresses the situation by providing the Floor Coordinators with instructions in the form of Standing Orders. The categories in which Operational instructions can be modified are:

  • Beamline Specific
  • FE-EPS (Vacuum)
  • Health Physics
  • Insertion Devices
  • Operations
  • PSS
  • Water

As an example, a given beamline may have both an upstream and a downstream Undulator installed inside the Storage Ring. This is currently not a standard beamline configuration. The two devices could be identical, or they could have distinctly different spectral properties. Normally IDs have an established minimum gap value of 11 mm. There are physical stops that prevent the device from closing below a given size. There are also software limits within the ID controls that will not allow a device to travel beyond a given set point.

If for some reason it is determined that one of these IDs cannot be closed to the normal minimum set point, a Standing Order will be issued to define the minimum value at which the device can operate.

Please carefull read through all Standing Orders located here.

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