Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Standing Orders

Standing Orders
Period Category Standing Order Issuer Date Last Reviewed Status
User Beam Operations Working on Top of Experimental Enclosures J. Vacca


User Beam/ Machine Studies Operations First Photon Shutter (PS1) Operation B. Glagola 06/21/2017 Current
Machine Studies Operations Machine Studies Utilizing Beamline Shutters N. Moonier 06/21/2017 Current
User Beam/ Machine Studies FE-EPS FE-EPS Reset G. Markovich/P. McNamara 05/26/2017 Current
User Beam Beamline Specific 2-ID Minimum Gap Settings B. Lai 05/26/2017 Current
Any Beamline Specific 35-BM Operations B. Glagola 06/21/2017 Current
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