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Lesson Module A-12: Beamline Shielding Configuration Control Policy & Procedure


The management of beamline components that have been designated as being either “Radiation Shielding Systems” or as being under "Configuration Control” is deemed by the APS to be so important for safety concerns that both Policies and Procedures and a Lesson Module have been dedicated to this subject.Furthermore, Configuration Control is accomplished under a wide variety of circumstances that involve many different optical and radiation shielding components, and many different people from other supporting AES sub-system groups.This means that the FC has a major responsibility to be certain that there are no violations of the control policy by anyone.An understanding of configuration control is possible only if the meanings of such terms as “White Beam,” Pink “Beam,” and “Monochromatic Beam” are known.

Upon completion of this module, the reader may expect to understand definitions associated with Configuration Control.When used with Lesson Module A-11, The Configuration Control Work Permit, the FC should be able to manage all beamline activities involving the control of these special items.

The text of the Policy on Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Radiation Safety Systems, is here. Please review this policy, then continue to reading the lesson module.

Prerequisite: Lesson Module A-11, The Configuration Control Work Permit


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