The Advanced Photon Source
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Time-Resolved Research - Highlights

01.03.2024Small, Transient Domains in Bismuth Ferrite have Large, Lasting Prospects for Ferroelectric Applications APS Science Highlight 
11.14.2023Understanding How Temperature, Pressure and Tiny Bubbles Affect Fuel Efficiency  APS Science Highlight 
11.01.2023A 3D View of Mesoscale Interfacial Structures in a Single Glance  APS Science Highlight 
10.19.2023Timing offset measures fast chemical reactions APS Science Highlight 
01.24.2023Laser Excitation Alters the Structure and Light Emission of Perovskite Thin Films APS Science Highlight 
08.02.2023Scientists discover unusual ultrafast motion in layered magnetic materials Argonne Press Release 
09.07.2022Advanced microscope techniques could pave way for improved computer memories Argonne Press Release 
09.07.2021Pivotal discovery of nanomaterial for LEDs Argonne Press Release 
06.28.2021Ultrafast X-rays Track Charge Flows in a Promising Photovoltaic Material APS Science Highlight 
06.07.2021Charge mobility in perovskites EPFL News 
04.20.2021Tiny Chip-Based Device Performs Ultrafast Modulation of X-Rays Optical Society (OSA) News Release 
04.14.2021Dynamics of polarization vortices revealed in a ferroelectric material Nature News and Views 
04.14.2021"Little swirling mysteries: New research uncovers dynamics of ultrasmall, ultrafast groups of atoms"  Argonne Press Release 
01.11.2021Putting the Starch in Tissue-Like Materials APS Science Highlight 
09.01.2020A Deeper Look into Bio-Inspired Catalysts APS Science Highlight 
07.08.2020An X-ray Waveguide Probe into Ultra-thin Nanostructure Films APS Science Highlight 
05.14.2020Organic Spacers Improve LED Performance ,Brookhaven National Laboratory 
05.23.2019Supercrystal creation, Naturephotonics Research Highlight 
03.20.2019Achieving Picosecond Control of Hard X-rays with MEMS Optics APS Science Highlight 
03.20.2019Supercrystal: A Hidden Phase of Matter Created by a Burst of Light APS Science Highlight 
03.18.2019Supercrystal: A hidden phase of matter created by a burst of light Penn State U. 
07.10.2018Wall of Sound Argonne Feature Story 
07.06.2018Electrons slowing down at critical moments ANL Feature Story 
03.27.2018It's a trap ANL Press Releash 
03.06.2018X-ray Imaging of Gigahertz Ferroelectric Domain Dynamics APS Science Highlight 
09.05.2017Newly discovered semiconductor dynamics may help improve energy efficiency UIC Research Highlight 
05.04.2017X-ray imaging and computer modeling help map electric properties of nanomaterials APS Science Highlight 
03.07.2017Converting Methane Gas to Liquid Methanol the Bacteria Way APS Science Highlight 
10.27.2016Flipped Crystals May Aid Solar Cells APS Science Highlight 
06.13.2016Tobin Marks Wins the 2017 Priestley Medal Chemical and Engineering News 
05.03.2016X-ray Scientist Haidan Wen Wins DOE Early Career Award Argonne Press Release 
04.01.2016A Radar Gun for Unruly Atoms APS Science Highlights 
03.31.2016A Radar Gun for Unruly Atoms University of Vermont University Communications 
03.08.2016Time-Resolved X-Ray Imaging Reveals Mesoscopic Structural Dynamics Argonne Today 
03.03.2016Multilayer Block Copolymer Meshes Argonne Today 
03.02.2016Organic Semiconductor-Containing Supramolecules Argonne Today 
02.17.2016Titania Thin Films Argonne Today 
02.11.2016High-Performance Solar Cells Argonne Today 
02.10.2016Coherent Acoustic Phonons Argonne Today 
02.09.2016Hairy Nanoparticles Argonne Today 
02.08.2016Dynamics of Nanoparticles Argonne Today 
01.2016High-Performance XPCS Data Reduction Using Argonne's Virtualized Computing Resource APS Newsletter 
01.14.2016New Morphologies in Thin Films Argonne Today 
01.11.2016Nanostructured Block Copolymer Electrolytes Argonne Today 
12.29.2015Perovskite Photovoltaics Argonne Today 
12.23.201510 Cool Science and Technology Stories from Argonne in 2015 (#6) 
12.23.2015Supramolecular Packing Argonne Today 
08.03.2015Scientists Can Now Make Nanoparticle Sheets that Curl Right Up Gizmodo 
08.03.2015Scientists Curve Nanoparticle Sheets into Complex Forms R & D Magazine 
07.31.2015Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me: Scientists Curve Nanoparticle Sheets into Complex Forms Argonne Press Release 
07.27.2015Macrophase Separation Argonne Today  
07.22.2015Reversible Thermal Stiffening Argonne Today  
07.02.2015Improving Ternary Blend Solar Cells Argonne Today 
06.25.2015Soft Nanoparticles Argonne Today 
06.19.2015Janus-like Nanoparticles Argonne Today 
06.17.2015Nanoscale Asymmetry Leads to Janus-like Nanoparticle Membranes Nanowerk 
06.16.2015Nanoscale Asymmetry Leads to Janus-like Nanoparticle Membranes CNM Press Release 
06.16.2015Bug Colors Argonne Today 
05.28.2015Shrinking Integrated Circuits Argonne Today 
05.07.2015Scientists Tune X-rays with Tiny Mirrors 
05.06.2015Nanoparticle Assemblies Argonne Today  
03.10.2015Method for spatially modulating X-ray pulses using MEMS-based X-ray optics US Patent 8,976,933 
03.04.2015Argonne Research Expanding from Injectors to Inhalers 
02.18.2015Shape-shifting Groups of Nanorods Release Heat Differently 
11.21.2014Disorder in Polymer Solar Cells 
10.07.2014Enhancing Solar Cells 
09.12.2014Lightweight Solar Cells 
06.18.2014Supramolecular Nanocomposites 
02.17.2014PbTiO3/SrTiO3Superlattice Components Respond Differently in an Electric Field 
11.25.2013Water-Like Properties of Soft Nanoparticle Suspensions 
06.25.2013Organic Polymers Show Sunny Potential 
03.14.2013Watching a Protein as it Functions 
03.14.2013Shedding Light on Chemistry with a Biological Twist 
02.11.2013Probing Ultrafast Solvation Dynamics with HighRepetition-Rate Laser/X-ray Methodologies 
02.08.2013The Electronic Origin of Photoinduced Strain 
09.24.2012Dynamics of Polymer Chains Atop Different Materials 
05.18.2012Unlocking the Nanoscale Secrets of Bird-Feather Colors 
01.06.2012Peering into the Interfaces of Nanoscale Polymeric Materials