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Next Proposal Deadline

  • The proposal submission deadline for Run 2023-1 was Friday, October 28, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. (Chicago time).
  • For Information on the APS Upgrade, please visit APS-U.
  • Questions: write to or call 630-252-9090.
  • Please note that Chrome is not supported for the on-line proposal system.

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First-time Proposer

You must register as a user and receive a badge number before you can begin a proposal.

Returning Proposer

You may not need to submit a new proposal!

  • Same work
    • Check My APS Portal to find the status of your proposals.
    • If the relevant proposal is listed as "active," you may not need to create a new proposal.
    • Check the "shifts remaining" field on the first page of the proposal to make sure the remaining approved time is adequate.
    • If enough time is available, create a new beam time request from within the existing proposal.
  • New work
    • To change the focus or include new results, submit a completely new proposal. You can copy and edit an existing proposal.



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