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Next Proposal Deadline

As the APS comes back online, resources are being dedicated to ensure the facility beamlines come back online safely and efficiently. Consequently, high hazard experiments are not likely to be approved in the initial stages if resources to conduct those experiments are not available. We will advise as soon as we have the capacity to support this program.


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General User Proposal Call Cycle 2024-2

Submission Deadline: March 29, 2024

As the APS accelerator and storage ring return to operations, beamlines around the facility will begin to resume their user programs. The timelines for bringing users back will vary beamline to beamline based on a variety of technical factors.

This call for the 2024-2 cycle (June - August, 2024) is soliciting proposals for possible experiments that will be considered based on each beamline's individual schedule and capabilities. Proposals submitted to this call will be valid for 2 years (6 cycles) or until the PRP recommended shifts are used up. Submission of a request for time is not a guarantee of allocation.

Proposal types that will be accepted for this call include General User - Regular and General User - Macromolecular Crystallography.

Information about the specifications and capabilities of the post-Upgrade beamlines can be found in the APS Beamline Directory. PIs are encouraged to contact beamline scientists for more detailed information on the status and current capabilities of the beamlines.

Note: Only those beamlines that feel they will be ready to support general users will be available to select in your request for beam time in the Universal Proposal System.

New Universal Proposal System (UPS): 

In order to submit and/or be listed on an APS proposal, users must:

  1. Have an APS/Argonne badge number AND an ORCiD with APS authorized as a Trusted Party in your account. If you do not currently have a badge number, please register as a user.
  2. Log into the UPS platform and create a profile.

Please follow these detailed login instructions to access your UPS dashboard.

The UPS system offers tours to assist with learning the layout and function. In the near future, additional training materials will be shared to further enhance your familiarity with the UPS!

NOTE: The Universal Proposal System is currently only accepting proposals for the APS. Users needing to submit proposals at LCLS or NSLS-II will need to visit their respective facility websites.

Additional information: 

More Information
First-time Proposer
You must register as a user and receive a badge number before you can begin a proposal.
Returning Proposer

You may not need to submit a new proposal!

  • Same work
    • Check My APS Portal to find the status of your proposals.
    • If the relevant proposal is listed as "active," you may not need to create a new proposal.
    • Check the "shifts remaining" field on the first page of the proposal to make sure the remaining approved time is adequate.
    • If enough time is available, create a new beam time request from within the existing proposal.
  • New work
    • To change the focus or include new results, submit a completely new proposal. You can copy and edit an existing proposal.


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