The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Design and Drafting Procedures

Procedure No. Title ICMS Content ID
3.1.108 Releasing AES Drawings APS_1281567
3.1.112 Releasing APS Purchased Parts APS_1286337
Item No. Guide Title Link to Guide
1 13 Basic Parameters in Creo Creo Parameters
2 Dimensioning Bolt Circles Dimensioning_BC
3 Changing Drawing Units Changing_Drw_Units
4 Creating 3D PDF's Create_3D_PDF
5 Creating STL Files Create_STL_Files
6 Using DO NOT TOOL Mapkey Do_Not_Tool
7 Overriding Tolerance Table in Drawings Override_Tol_Table
8 Saving a Copy of Creo Files Save_Creo_File_Copy
9 Attaching Datum Tags Attach_Datum_Tag
10 Guide in Inserting GD&T Symbols in Drawings GDT_Symbols
11 Substituting Dimension Names Dim_Properties_Codes
12 Drawing Hole Table Adjustment Adjust_Drw_Table
13 DRP Release Process DRP_Release_Process
14 A Way to Open All Promotion Request Drawings in Creo View Promo_Requests_in_Creo_Vu
15 Creating an Electronic DCN (Document Control Note) Create_eDCN
16 Ellipse Equation Ellipse_Equation
17 Erasing Unwanted Datum Tags in Drawings Erase_Datum_Tags
18 Fixing Drawing Program Errors Fix_Drw_Prog_Errors
19 Finding Out Badge Numbers Find_Badge_Number
20 Getting PhotoLux License Get_PhotoLux_License
21 Keyshot Hot Keys Keyshot_Hot_Keys
22 Description of Mapkeys Used in Creo Mapkey_Legend
23 Mecanica Demonstration Mecanica_Demo
24 Adding Columns to Model Tree Model_Tree_Config
25 A Description of Guides In this List Procedurals_Index
26 Procedure for Solidifying a Step File Solidify_Step_File
27 3D Annotation Settings 3D_Annotation
28 Problematical Purchased Parts Problem_Purchased_Parts
29 Chamfer Start and End Chamfer_Start_End
30 Description of Model Tree Glyphs Model_Tree_Glyphs
32 Data Manipulation of ProE Point-Arrays into Excel ProE_Pt_Array_in_Excel
33 Viewing Drawings as Published Without a Promotion Request View_Dwgs_no_Promo_Request
35 Rendering Using PhotoLux Render_PhotoLux
35 Displaying Screw Size in Model Tree Scw_Size_Display_in_Model_Tree
36 Using Blend Vertex Using_Blend_Vertex
37 Vault Use Manual Vault_User_Manual
38 Aligning Vendor Triangle Symbols on BOM Table Vendor_Triangle_Alignment
39 Windchill Basics WC_Basics
40 Windchill Flow Chart - Not Able to Check-In WC_Check-in_Denied
41 Windchill _ Not Eligible for Upload WC_No_Upload
42 Windchill Listed Searches WC_Listed_Searches
43 Windchill Release Process WC_Release_Process
44 Windchill Renaming Files WC_Renaming_Files
45 Windchill - Overwriting Workspace WC_Overwriting_Workspace
46 Release Process Flowchart Release_Process_Flowchart
47 GDT Rectangle Workshop GDT_Workshop
48 Vault PDMLink Refresher Vault_PDMLink_Refresher
49 Converting Step Assembly to one Part Step_asm_to_1prt
50 Balco_Waterjet_Safety Balco_Waterjet_Safety.pdf
51 Optimizing 3D models to STL Files using Creo Opt_3Dmodels_2STL