The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

2015 ASD Seminar Series

January 14 Design and Testing of a Novel Pink Beam Stop for the Dynamic Compression Sector Beamline Jeff T. Collins
January 28 APS Photo-Cathode RF Gun Installation and Commissioning (Presentations: Smith, Sun) Yine Sun
Terry Smith
February 25 The APS Process Water Systems and Its Impact on Accelerator Performance Gene Swetin
March 11 Beam Dynamics of APS-U beam with the Higher-Harmonic Cavity Louis Emery
March 25 HGVPU: long prototype magnetic measurements and tuning Isaac Vasserman
April 1 Revision to LMS-PROC-125, Applying the Graded Approach to Quality Steven Gauthier, ANL-ESQ
April 15 Fabrication of low cost and robust large area microchannel plates for photodetection and imaging applications Anil Mane, Energy System Division
April 22 A Look at MAX IV Curt Preissner
April 29 Magnetic design calculations for an undulator end, a phase shifter, and both combined Liz Moog
May 27 Dual RF System with Bunch Lengthening Cavity Tim Berenc
June 3 Beam Simulations with HHC Michael Borland
June 10 Bimetallic Components in the APS Storage Ring and Analysis of the SCU1 ID Vacuum Chamber Bimetallic Transition Failure Emil Trakhtenberg, Gary Navrotski, Leonard Morrison, Pat Den Hartog
July 29 Conceptual Design of a Three-Pole Wiggler for the APS Upgrade Melike Abliz
August 12 A Superconducting Harmonic Cavity for Bunch Lengthening in the APS-U Mike Kelly, PHY
September 2 Design and Analysis of Accelerator Vacuum Systems with SynRad and MolFlow+ Jason Carter, AES-MED
September 16 Towards next-generation high-temperature superconducting undulators (Abstract) Ibrahim Kesgin
October 7 Development of a Half-Wave Resonator Cryomodule for Ion Beams Zack Conway
November 4 Unipolar Magnet Power Supply and Precision Current Measurement R&D for the APS Upgrade Tom Fors, ASD-PS Rob Keane,ASD-DIA
November 11 Septum Magnet Design for MBA-Lattice Melike Abliz, ASD-MD
November 18 Development of Fast Corrector Power Supplies for the APS Upgrade Ju Wang, ASD-PS
December 3 Magnetic tuning procedures for the large scale production of undulator segments for the European XFEL Yuhui Li, XFEL