Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

ASD Groups

Accelerator Operations and Physics
Operates APS accelerators and applies integrated expertise in accelerator physics, software development, and numerical methods to the understanding, simulation, and enhancement of APS accelerator systems and future light sources.
Designs, implements, characterizes, and maintains state-of-the-art particle and photon beam diagnostics for the APS accelerators and transport lines in order to support reliable, ultra-stable machine operation and accelerator research and development efforts.
Magnetic Devices
Performs magnetic measurements of IDs, to tune them, to provide the best performance from the point of view of radiation quality, to minimize the perturbations of the particle beam in the APS storage ring by providing gap independence of magnetic field integrals, and to maintain the performance of the devices.
Power Systems
Designs, constructs, and maintains power supply systems with high precision and stability, high reliability, and unique functionalities to facilitate world-class science and technology research at the APS and performs or supports activities that benefit the science of accelerators and future light sources.
Radio Frequency
Designs, constructs, and maintains rf systems for the APS; conducts studies and analyses to improve and enhance rf systems performance in support of operation; develops novel rf and microwave techniques for accelerator operations for the APS and the next generation of particle accelerators.