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ANL Beams and Applications Seminar

The ANL Beam and Applications Seminar is intended for accelerator scientists, engineers and technicians.  Seminars focus on the physics, technology, and applications of particle and photon beams. The seminars are sponsored jointly by the Accelerator Systems Division (ASD), the Advanced Wakefield Accelerator (AWA) group of the High Energy Physics (HEP) Division, and the ATLAS group of the Physics (PHY) Division. This is an activity of the Argonne Accelerator Institute (AAI).

ANL Beam and Applications Seminars are held approximately twice a month. The seminars are organized by a committee. Suggestions for speakers and topics may be directed to any committee member.

Visitors from off-site please contact Carmen Nolasco (, 630-252-6159) to arrange for a gate pass.

2012 Beams and Applications Seminars

Emittance reduction study for SPEAR3 - October 1st

Xiaobiao Huang, SLAC


Advances in modeling coherent synchrotron radiation - August 8th

Robert Ryne, LBNL


Bunch compressor design and X-band diven FELs- July 12th

Yipeng Sun, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


Advanced electron beam phase-space manipulations: experiments, simulations and future plans at Fermilab photoinjectors- July 11th

Yine Sun, Fermilab


NSLS-II Lattice Design - July 9th

Weiming Guo, Accelerator Physicist, NSLS-II


Sub-Angstrom Stabilization of an X-ray Free Electron Laser Oscilator and Nuclear Resonance Metrology - June 26th

Bernhard Adams and Kwang-Je Kim, Advanced Photon Source


Multi-dimensional characterization of the laser and electron beams of the Cornell Energy Recovery Linac - June 22nd

Heng Li, Cornell University


Interbeam Scattering Studies at CesrTA - June 18th

Michael Ehrlichman, Cornell University


Electron beam dynamics operations, simulation, and theory in 3rd generation synchrotron light sources - April 13th

Boaz Nash, ESRF


Exploration of Optimization Techniques for Accelerator Design - April 4th

Yusong Wang, ANL


Choke-mode damped accelerating structures for the CLIC main linac - February 28th

Jiaru Shi, CERN


Hight-Temperature Superconducting Solenoids and Magnet Leads Development - February 17th

Youk Shiroyanagi, Brokhaven National Lab


The Design of Superconducting Half-Wave Resonators for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) - February 8th

Jeremiah Holzbaure, Michigan State University


Insertion Devices, including Two Superconducting Wigglers, at the Canadian Light Source - January 30th

Michael Sigrist, Canadian Light Source


Design and optimization of material and devices via multiphysics FEM simulations in MEMS and nanotechnology - January 27th

Kamlesh Suthar, APS Postdoctoral Appointee


Design and optimization of material and devices via multiphysics FEM simulations in MEMS and nanotechnology - January 18th

Sang-hoon Kim, POSTECH (Pohang University of Science &Tech)


Committee Members

Ryan Lindberg, ASD (chair)
Manoel Conde, HEP
Katherine Harkay, ASD
Elizabeth Moog, ASD
Petr Ostroumov, PHY
John Power, HEP

Past Beams and Applications Seminar Chairpersons

2011-2012, R. Lindberg
2010-2011, Z. Yusof, HEP
2009 - 2010, M. White, ASD
2007-2009, B. Mustapha, PHY
2006-2007, Y.C. Chae, ASD
2005-2006, C.-x Wang, ASD
2003-2005, Y. Li, ASD
2002-2003, J. Power, HEP
2001-2002, Z. Huang, ASD
2000-2001, G. Travish, ASD
1999-2000, K. Harkay, ASD

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