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The goal of this seminar is to encourage interaction between groups, act as an open forum to share ideas, achievements, and results, promote collaboration, communicate what APS personnel are doing and to educate people. Talks can be projects, tasks, ideas, etc. that are new, unfinished, ongoing as well as fully developed. This seminar is very informal and does not require a fully formatted presentation.

To suggest a speaker or to volunteer, please contact Geoff Waldschmidt

Next Seminar:  Thursday, June 7, 2018  @ 11:00 am, Conf. Rm. B4100

TITLE:  FPGAs at the boundary between accelerator hardware and software

SPEAKER:  Carlos Serrano & Larry Doolittle, LBNL

ABSTRACT:  TModern accelerators make extensive use of FPGA-based technologies for a wide range of instrumentation and control: Low-Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) controllers, Beam Position Monitors (BPMs), data acquisition systems for detectors and experiments, timing systems, Machine Protection Systems, etc.
The Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) at LBNL specializes in delivering high-performance electronics for scientific applications, where emphasis is on hardware: FPGA-based platforms using low-noise analog electronics and high-speed serial links, where the core of the processing power (which is aligned with our expertise) resides in the FPGA. Embedding the complex business logic in the FPGA programming keeps the hardware simple, but requires careful management of and creative approaches to both the FPGA programming and its interface to the larger software ecosystem. We are currently leading the LCLS-II LLRF collaboration in building a system that embodies all of these characteristics. LCLS-II is part of our long history working on accelerator projects, including ongoing collaborations with ANL. In this seminar we will present some of our capabilities and innovations, with the objective of identifying possible collaborations with ANL, and emphasizing possible overlaps with ALS-U at LBNL.

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