The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

2012 ASD Seminar Series

January 30 Cryogenic Systems for the APS Upgrade Joel Fuerst
February 6 LLRF for SPX Tim Berenc
February 20 Recent Thermal Imaging Studies at the APS Jeff Collins
March 20 Undulator Design Basics Liz Moog
April 2 Exploration of a Tevatron-sized Ultimate Light Source Michael Borland
April 30 A Scaling Law for Electromagnets and Superconducting Undulators (SCUs) Suk Kim
May 7 SACLA, SPring-8 Angstrom Compact Laser T. Ishikawa
May 21 Operational Experience with LCLS

Sasha Zholents
Brian Stephenson

June 4 30T Magnets (XSD) Islam Zahir
July 16 Anomolous Workfunction Anisotropy in Ternary Acetylides: Applications to Photocathode R&D Zsolt Terdik
August 6 IEX Status Report Aimin Xiao
August 8 Special Lee Teng STudent Seminar - SPX Copper Prototype Cavity Testing Stephen Bauman
August 20 1.3 GHz and 3.9 GHz SRF Cryomodule Experience at FNAL Elvin Harms
August 27 SCU0 Magnetic Measurements Results Chuck Doose
October 15 MgB2 for SRF (LANL) Tsuyoshi Tajima
December 11 New Argonne/Fermilab Superconducting Cavity Processing & Testing Facilities Mike Kelly
Allan Rowe
December 14 Superconducting Generators of Synchrotron Radiation: Magnetic and Cryogenic Systems Nikolay Mezentsev