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12-BM is a multi-purpose beamline for combined spectroscopy (XAS), Small Angle Scattering (SAXS) and Wide Angle Scattering (WAXS). Quick EXAFS is implemented for transmission experiments with sub 10 second scans. The beamline is designed to provide a versatile platform to cover a wide range of experimental needs; XAS, SAXS and WAXS are a combination of techniques on the samples under different experimental conditions (heating, cooling, in situ catalytic reaction conditions). In order to achieve an easily adjustable wavelength between 4.5 and 40 keV, the beamline uses a water-cooled, double-crystal, fixed-exit monochromator with Si(111) and Si(311) crystals. A double mirror system (flat and toroidal) focuses and steers the beam in the experimental station to 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm.

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Bending Magnet Source Characteristics (nominal)
Source APS Bending Magnet
Critical energy 19.51 keV
on-axis peak brilliance at 16.3 keV 2.9 × 1015 ph/sec/mrad2/mm2/0.1%bw
on-axis peak angular flux at 16.3 keV 9.6 × 1013 ph/sec/mrad2/0.1%bw
on-axis peak horizontal angular flux at 5.6 keV 1.6 × 1013 ph/sec/mradh/0.1%bw
Monochromator type I Si (111)
Energy Range 4.5 keV - 30 keV
Resolution (ΔE/E) 1 × 10-4
Flux (photos/sec) 4 × 1011 @ 12keV
Monochromator type II Si (311)
Energy Range 10 keV - 40 keV
Resolution (ΔE/E) 2 × 10-5
Flux (photos/sec) 1 × 1011 @ 12keV
Beam Size (focused HxV) 500µm × 1000µm
Beam Size (unfocused HxV) 10mm x 2mm