The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Three-Way Meeting

Optics | Detectors | User Services | Opening Plenary | Session A | Session B | Session C | Session D

Optics Workshop

Session 1: Optics Overviews

Haruhiko Ohashi, SPring-8

Ray Barrett, ESRF

Horst Schulte-Schrepping, PETRA-III

Lahsen Assoufid, APS

Session 2: Crystal Optics-1

Crystal Optics at ESRF
Jürgen Härtwig, ESRF

High-resolution Crystal Optics R&D at APS
Xianrong Huang, APS

High-resolution Crystal Optics
Daisuke Ishikawa, JASRI

Analyzer Crystal Development at the ESRF
Roberto Verbeni, ESRF

Session 3: Thin Film Optics

Thin-film Optics R&D at the APS and Deposition Laboratory Upgrade Plans
Ray Conley, APS

News from the ESRF Multilayer Facility
Christian Morawe, ESRF

K-B Mirror Fabrication Using Thin-film Coating
Bing Shi, APS

Session 4: Crystal Optics-2

Topics on Berry Phase Approach
Yoshiki Kohmura, RIKEN

Stability Issues at Monochromators and Mirrors
Ilya Sergeev, PETRA-III

High-heat-load Monochromator
Hiroshi Yamazaki, JASRI

Updates on High-heat-load Cryo-cooled Crystal Systems
Ralph Döhrmann, PETRA-III

Recent Developments in Diamond Crystal Optics for XFEL and Synchrotron Radiation Sources
Yuri Shvydko, APS

Session 5: Optics Simulation, Modeling and Coherence

Optics Modeling and Simulation at ESRF
M. Sanchez del Rio, ESRF

Optics Modeling and Simulation at APS
Xianbo Shi, APS

Session 6: Optics Testing

Status of 1-BM Optics & Detector Test Beamline 
Al Macrander, APS

Challenges in Metrology at the ESRF
Amparo Vivo, ESRF

Metrology at SPring-8
Yasunori Senba, JASRI

At-Wavelength Metrology Using Grating Interferometry
Shashidhara Marathe, APS

Session 7: Nanofocusing Optics

Zone Plate Development at the APS: Status and Plans
Michael Wojcik, APS

Deformable Mirror and Stitching Interferometry for Nano-focusing
Hirokatsu Yumoto, JASRI

Performance of Micro/Nano-focusing K-B Mirrors under White and Pink Beams
Wenjun Liu, APS

X-ray Refractive Optics: Status and Challenges
Anatoly Snigirev, ESRF

Detectors Workshop

Overview (Past, Present, Future)

APS Overview
Robert Bradford, APS

ESRF Overview
Marie Ruat, ESRF

SPring-8 Overview
Takaki Hatsui, SPring-8


DESY Overview
Heinz Graafsma, DESY

HORUS Simulation and High-Z/Lambda at DESY
David Pennicard, DESY

AGIPD and Percival at DESY
Alessandro Marras, DESY

SOI Pixel Development at SPring-8
Takaki Hatsui, SPring-8

Cryogenic X-ray Detectors at APS
Antonino Miceli, APS

RASHPA: A High-performance Data Transfer Framework for 2D Detectors
Alejandro Homs-Puron, ESRF

User Services Workshop

Facility Overviews

Susan Strasser, APS

Joanne McCarthy, ESRF

Daniela Unger, PETRA-III

Hideo Ono, SPring-8


Description of the APS Publications Database
Rick Fenner, APS

SPring-8 Publication Process
Hideo Ono, SPring-8

Databases and Data Management

APS User Portal and Associated Databases
Constance Vanni, APS

SPring-8 User Portal
Keiichi Shinbe, SPring-8

National User Facility Organization Portal
Susan White-DePace, APS

Scientific Access:  Proposal Systems

APS Beam Time Access System Overview
Beverly Knott, APS

ESRF Proposal Review: New Structure
Joanne McCarthy, ESRF

Special Facility Access Requirements/International and Government Review

APS Non-U.S. Citizen Issues and User Agreements 
Susan White-DePace, APS

Governmental Issues in Japan
Masayo Suzuki, SPring-8

User Meetings, User Organizations, User Workshops, Industrial Issues

SPring-8 User Issues
Masayo Suzuki, SPring-8

Opening Plenary Session

Facility Directors' Reports

Francesco Sette, Director General, ESRF

Tetsuya Ishikawa, Director of RIKEN Harima Institute, SPring-8

Brian Stephenson, APS Director

Edgar Weckert, Director, Photon Sciences, DESY

Facility Upgrades and Future Plans

Harald Reichert, ESRF

Wolfgang Drube, PETRA-III

George Srajer, APS

Hitoshi Tanaka, SPring-8

Parallel Session A

Accelerators and Sources

APS Superconducting Undulator
Yury Ivanyushenkov, APS

Possible Ultra-low-emittance Lattice for the APS
Michael Borland, APS

ESRF Phase 2 Upgrade Progress Report
Pantaleo Raimondi, ESRF

Lower Emittance Optics and Storage Ring Beam Performance
Kouichi Soutome, SPring-8

Accelerators and Sources

Magnets for Ultra-small Emittance at the ESRF
Joel Chavanne, ESRF

Development of Cryogenic Permanent Magnet Undulator at SPring-8
Teruhiko Bizen, SPring-8

Observation of Collective Effects during Positron and Electron Operation at PETRA-III
Rainer Wanzenberg, DESY

Undulators at PETRA-III: Experience and Perspectives
Markus Tischer, PETRA-III

Parallel Session B

Automation and Control, Data Handling and Management

Data Management and Automation at the APS
Nicholas Schwarz, APS

Automation on MX Beamlines at the ESRF
Daniele De Sanctis, ESRF

Automation of GM/CA MX Beamlines at the APS
Mark Hilgart, APS

SPring-8 Experimental Data Repository
Toru Ohata, SPring-8

Data Acquisition with Imaging Detectors at the ESRF
Alejandro Homs-Puron, ESRF

Experiment Control at PETRA-III
Thorsten Kracht, PETRA-III

Data Management and Data Processing at PETRA-III
Andre Rothkirch, PETRA-III

Parallel Session C

Advanced Beamline Design

Optical Design of the Picosecond Beamlines for the APS Upgrade
Rubin Reininger, APS

Generic Solutions for ESRF Beamlines
Raymond Barrett, ESRF

The New Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) Beamline at the APS
Thomas Gog, APS

K-B Optics Development at SPring-8: Spectroscopic Analysis and Protein Crystallography Beamlines
Hirokatsu Yumoto, SPring-8

Scanning Hard X-ray Microscope at Beamline P06
Gerald Falkenberg, PETRA-III

Design of the Upgrade Beamline UPBL6: Inelastic X-ray Scattering
Keith Martel, ESRF

Commissioning of a High-flux Beamline for Non-resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
Alfred Baron, SPring-8

Beamline P11 at PETRA III: A Versatile Instrument for Structural Investigations of Biological Samples
Alke Meents, PETRA-III

Parallel Session D

Use of X-ray Scattering to Elucidate Industrial Problems in the Energy, Polymer, and Medical Fields
Randy Winans, APS

ESRF Open for Business: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities
Ed Mitchell, ESRF

Industry Today at the APS
Jyotsana Lal, APS

Industrial Outreach at PETRA-III
Hermann Franz, PETRA-III

Shaping the Future of the SR Applications by the Industry-Academia Alliance
Masaki Takata, RIKEN

ESRF Techniques to Solve Industrial Problems
Tamzin Lafford, ESRF



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