The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS User Check List

  1. Register to obtain physical, remote/digital, or mail-in access approval.
  2. Set-up Your ANL Domain Account: 
    • Upon approval of your registration form, you will receive a separate email to set-up an ANL domain account. The email will come from <> with a subject line:  SET UP YOUR ARGONNE DOMAIN ACCOUNT.  Follow the instructions provided in that email.
    • Test your ANL domain account  
      • If your password has been disabled, reset using your Password Enrollment Profile:
      • For any assistance, or if you do not have a Password Enrollment Profile, contact the ANL Service Desk at 630-252-9999, option 4.
  3. My APS Portal.  A personalized link to access all user platforms (registration, proposals, ESAFS, NoMachine, training, gate pass requests, etc.).
  4. In your Portal, acknowledge the legal agreement between APS and your home institution (required for all users).
  5. Submit a proposal.
  6. Establish a user account to pay for supplies and services or for proprietary beam time if one is needed by setting up a purchase order.

After you are awarded beam time...

  1. Complete all training.
  2. Arrange for delivery and return of samples/materials.
  3. Complete an Experiment Safety Assessment Form (ESAF) for your experiment.
  4. Download APS Phone Application.
  5. Notify APS of your off-hours arrival (off-hours are after 5:00 pm on work days and any time on weekend days or holidays).


  1. REAL ID required for site access. Bring required documents with you when you arrive.
  2. Site access can only be granted to users identified as onsite users on approved Experiment Safety Assessment Forms (ESAFs), or if a Gate Pass is requested and processed by the User Program Office.  Visit the My APS Portal to request a Gate Pass.
  3. The Argonne Welcome Center (formally Argonne Information Center, at the Main Gate) hours are 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.
    The APS User Office (Building 401, Room B1100) hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.
  4. Users conducting experiments who have the potential of arriving after hours on weekdays, weekends, holidays, or during Laboratory shutdown periods must notify the APS User Program Office in advance by entering a Gate Pass request in My APS Portal before 1:00 pm US Central Time on a given workday.
  5. Always bring appropriate identification. Failure to provide appropriate documentation when required or providing fraudulent documentation will result in suspension of access approval, removal from the site, and possible cancellation of future access.
  6. If there is a justifiable need to have a family member(s)/significant other visit the Argonne site with you, they will need to request approval by registering as APS visitors.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: A reservation at the Argonne Guest House does not include access to Argonne.
  8. Directions and maps to Argonne National Laboratory
  9. After you have completed your experiment, you must Complete an End of Experiment form (EEF). The experiment spokesperson listed on the ESAF will be sent instructions.
  10. Acknowledge the APS and the beamline in any resulting publications.
  11. Notify APS of publications resulting from APS data.
  12. Notify the APS User Office if any of the following apply:
    Any changes in employer/institution/affiliation
    Any changes in name or immigration status/USCIS documents 
    Any civil or criminal problems


Questions/help via

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (SC), which is the primary sponsor of APS, requires that a limited set of information relating to your user project/experiment be transmitted to SC at the conclusion of the current fiscal year. A subset of this information, including your name, institutional affiliation(s), and project title(s), will be publicly disseminated as part of an SC user facility user projects/experiments database on the SC website,, after the conclusion of the fiscal year. For proprietary projects, SC requests that the user provide a project title that is suitable for public dissemination.


To comment on the contents, please contact or 630-252-9090.