The Advanced Photon Source
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APS Dosimetry Information and FAQs

The APS Experiment Hall floor is a radiation protection area. All persons must adhere to all posted dosimetry requirements. (Dosimetry is not required in the LOMs.)

Minors (any person under the age of 18) are not permitted in radiation protection areas, per Argonne policy LMS-POL-59 "Access to Argonne by Minors."

Requesting a Dosimeter
CategoryDosimetry Badge
Required for APS?
Request Form
GERT Training Required?Notes
APS UsersYES-individual dosimeter requiredDosimeter Initialization

YES (GERT training link 
embedded in form)

Users should request a dosimeter only after ensuring that their GERT training is valid for entire quarter in which the experiment is happening. 

Example:  If the experiment is in the month of May (which is in Q2), the user's GERT training must be valid through June 30. In this example, if the user's GERT expires June 15, they should re-take their GERT before requesting a dosimeter.
Argonne Employees
and APS Resident Users
YES-individual dosimeter requiredDosimeter Initialization

YES (GERT training link 
embedded in form)

GERT training is managed via your Job Hazard Questionnaire (JHQ). Do not allow GERT training to expire.
ContractorsYES-individual dosimeter requiredDosimeter Initialization

YES (GERT training link 
embedded in form)

Contractors must also be current with Contractor Safety Orientation (CSO). Contact your host for details.
**Escort Requesting for a Tour GroupYES--tour dosimeter requiredEscort Registration for Tour Groups

YES (GERT training link 
embedded in form)  

Tour size is limited to 10 persons plus the Escort. 
Escort badge and electronic dosimetry for tour group can be picked up at LOM 431Z.
Tour Participants EXCLUDING
General Public Tours
For a tour, ONLY the Escort wears the tour dosimeterGERT Training for Tour ParticipantsYES (GERT training link 
embedded in form)
Tour Participants:  Includes tour participants who are assisting/contributing/performing work for APS (e.g., advisory or review committee members taking a tour).
Tour Participants
General Public 
For a tour, ONLY the Escort wears the tour dosimeterNo form is required for participantsNOGeneral Public:  Includes tour participants who are members of the general public (e.g., a member of the press, a group of teachers, etc.)

**Requirements for Escorting a Tour:

Fill out all information found in the Escort link to set up a tour.  Escort will be responsible for picking up Escort badge and Electronic Personal Dosimeter (EPD) from APS Health Physics in 431Z.  Tour group will stay with the Escort at all times.  When the tour is finished, Escort will immediately return the EPD to the 431Z Health Physics offices and record cumulative dose on the EPD.  The EPD needs to be returned to the Health Physics offices after each tour instance.


Dosimetry FAQs for APS 

I am an APS User. Where do I pick up the dosimeter I have requested?
User dosimeters can be picked up from the dosimeter rack in the Coat Room just off the Atrium and near the APS User Office on the first floor of Building 401.

What should I do if I misplace my dosimeter?
Look around for your dosimeter. If you are unable to locate it, notify the APS HP Tech Office in LOM 431Z (see contact information below).

Am I allowed to take the dosimeter out of APS or off site or to the Argonne Guest House?
No, your dosimeter should remain on a dosimeter storage rack if you are not using it. You can store your dosimeter on any dosimeter rack that is convenient for your work area.

If I do accidentally take my dosimeter offsite, do I need to report this to anyone?
If you travel by air with your dosimeter, you MUST report to the APS HP Tech Office (see contact information below). Otherwise, you do not need to report taking the dosimeter offsite. Please keep it at APS to prevent this from occurring. 

What are my options for storing my dosimeter while I am onsite at the APS? Dosimeter Rack Locations

  • Employees and resident users: Store your dosimeter at your assigned dosimetry rack. The two-letter code on your dosimeter identifies your assigned rack.
  • APS Users: Store your dosimeter at any rack that is convenient to where you will conduct your work while at APS. (Users do not have to store their dosimeters at the rack near the User Office where they picked them up.)


I’m a user. When my experiment concludes, I will not be returning to APS/Argonne. What should I do with my dosimeter?
Place your dosimeter in the black dosimeter collection boxes located next to the dosimeter racks. Or, place the dosimeter back on the any storage rack.

How long is my current dosimeter valid for?
A dosimeter is valid for one ‘quarter’ at a time. The quarters are:
Q1 = January 1-March 31
Q2 = April 1-June 30
Q3 = July 1-September 30
Q4 = October 1-December 31

To be issued a dosimeter for a quarter, a users' GERT training must be valid for the date span of entire quarter. 

When my experiment concludes, I will be coming back to APS/Argonne later this year. Do I need to request another dosimeter?
IF your approved experiment dates extend continuously into the next quarter, you will automatically receive another dosimeter delivered to the rack near the APS User Office. You do not need to make another request online. If you are leaving APS/Argonne and returning in another calendar quarter, you must request a new dosimeter to use when you return. 


How do I request another dosimeter for another visit?
Use the same process for requesting your next dosimeter (see links above).


How do I contact APS Health Physics for assistance?
Location: LOM 431Z

Phone: 630-252-3418

Hours available: 7: 30 AM - 4:30 PM


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