Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

7ID-D Hutch

Time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy and scattering of atoms and molecules

Atomic and Molecular Physics and Chemistry

AMO chamberThe 7ID-D hutch features time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopies (XAS) such as XANES, EXAFS, and x-ray emission spectroscopy. These techniques have been applied to gas jets of atoms and molecules in vacuo (at right), and are now also performed on flowing liquid samples (below).  Recent experiments have also combined x-ray diffuse scattering and XES for simultaneous measurement of electronic and geometric structure (XAS), spin state (XES), and solvent shell rearrangements (scattering).

Liquid Jet Spectroscopy

High-Repetition Rate Spectroscopy and Scattering

Simultaneous Spectroscopy and ScatteringHigh-power, high-repetition rate lasers have been implemented in 7ID-D for efficient use of the x-ray beam (in some cases, every x-ray bunch).  Using KB mirrors to produce a microfocused x-ray probe (spot size <10 micron) allows the requisite fluence for efficient optical excitation.  This makes it feasible to perform measurements such as time-resolved resonant inelasatic x-ray scattering despite the generally weak signals.  A liquid-jet experiment combining x-ray diffuse scattering and several spectroscopy techniques is shown schematically at right.

Selected Publications from 7ID-D
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  • Spin-state studies with XES and RIXS: From static to ultrafast, G. Vanko, A. Bordage, P. Glatzel, E. Gallo, M. Rovezzi, W. Gawelda, A. Galler, C. Bressler, G. Doumy, A.M. March, E.P. Kanter, L. Young, S.H. Southworth, S.E. Canton, J. Uhlig, G. Smolentsev, V. Sundstrom, K. Haldrup, T. Brandt van Driel, M.M. Nielsen, K.S. Kjaer, and H.T. Lemke, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 188, 166 (2013)
  • Development of high-repetition-rate laser pump/x-ray probe methodologies for synchrotron facilities, A.M. March, A. Stickrath, G. Doumy, E.P. Kanter, B. Kraessig, S.H. Southworth, K. Attenkofer, C.A. Kurtz, Lin X. Chen, and Linda Young, Review of Scientific Instruments 82, 073110 (2011)
  • K-edge x-ray-absorption spectroscopy of laser-generated Kr+ and Kr2+, S.H. Southworth, D.A. Arms, E.M. Dufresne, R.W. Dunford, D.L. Ederer, C. Höhr, E.P. Kanter, B. Krässig, E.C. Landahl, E.R. Peterson, J. Rudati, R. Santra, D.A. Walko, and L. Young, Physical Review A 76, 043421 (2007)
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