The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility


Contact information for beamline 7ID

Staff Contacts
Name Bldg/Room Phone Email
Burak Guzelturk
432-D003 630-252-0165 burakg at anl dot gov
Don Jensen
Scientific Associate
432-D007 630-252-0417 dpjensen at anl dot gov
Jinxing Jiang
Postdoctoral Associate
432-E001B 630-252-0244 jinxing dot jiang at anl dot gov
Linda Shoudis
432-E001 630-252-0160 ljs at anl dot gov
Rick Spence
Scientific Associate
433-E004 630-252-2797 spence at anl dot gov
Donald Walko
7ID Lead Scientist
432-D004 630-252-0271 d-walko at anl dot gov
Jin Wang
Senior Physicist
432-D006 630-252-9125 wangj at anl dot gov
Haidan Wen
432-D002 630-252-0278 wen at anl dot gov
Marc Zajac
Postdoctoral Appointee
432-D013 630-252-1589 mzajac at anl dot gov
Xiaoyi Zhang
TRR Group Leader
432-D005 630-252-0366 xyzhang at anl dot gov
Ray Ziegler
Scientific Associate
432-E007 630-252-5527 rziegler at anl dot gov
Other Phone Numbers
  • 7BM beamline: 630-252-1507
  • 7ID-B hutch: 630-252-1607
  • 7ID-C hutch: 630-252-1707
  • 7ID-D hutch: 630-252-1807


  • On-site Emergencies: 911 from lab phone
  • On-site Emergencies: 630-252-1911 from mobile phone

Argonne National Laboratory

Bldg. 432D
9700 South Cass Avenue
Lemont, IL 60439-4815

Advisory Committee