Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

7ID-B Hutch

A white-beam hutch for imaging fuel sprays and high-pressure liquids

Time-resolved imaging of fuel sprays

The 7ID-B hutch is optimized for white-beam and pink-beam imaging experiments using the time structFuel injection chamber in 7ID-Bure of the APS x-ray pulses.  A series of choppers is employed to reduce the average x-ray beam power and then isolate individual x-ray bunches or bunch trains in the hybrid singlet operating mode, allowing single-shot and single-pulse imaging of liquid jets, sprays, and other transient systems with 100 ps and µm temporal and spatial resolutions, respectively.

Shown at right is a fuel-injection chamber for studying a broad range of fuel injectors used in internal combustion engines.  X rays enter through the window in front, interact with the liquid spray, and then impinge on a fluorescent crystal to be sensed by a high-speed visible-light camera.

Selected Publications from 7ID-B
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