The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES)


Electron Spectrometer: Scienta R4000
  • Angular range: 14° acceptance
  • Optimized for working at hν=1000 eV
  • Typical energy resolution: 25-100 meV
  • Analyzer geometry: 55° w.r.t. photon beam
  • Analyzer slit orientation: vertical
6-axis cryomanipulator
  • Manipulator Specifications:
    • High Angular Resolution: < 0.01°
    • Polar Rotation: ±180°
    • Tilt Rotation: -15° to 45°
    • Azimuthal Rotation: ±120° 
  • Low vibration close-cycle cryostat: 10-300 K
Sample Mounting
  • Sample Holder: flag-style sample plate with or without 2.8 mm top-hat (Cu, SS or Mo); drawing pdf (without top hat version)
  • Mounting Instructions
  • You can request sample holders to be shipped to your home institution ahead of time; contact beamline staff and provide a FedEx number.
  • At the moment, our chamber only offers the following capabilities:
    - in-vacuum annealing up to 800 C
    - in-vacuum cleaving (cleaving post knocked down using in-vacuum magnetic wobble stick)
    - a vacuum suit case can be used if your experiment requires more sophisticated surface preparation. This needs to be arranged with staff well ahead of time and requires separate ESAF and experimental plan. 
  • IMPORTANT: Getting Ready For Your Experiment