The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering (RSXS)

In-vacuum Diffractometer

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(*) Those values are obtained by converting kappa angles (actual motors) into 4-circles angles (pseudo-motors) for extreme cases.
The ranges for the physical motors are: -35 < kth < 289 and -44 < kap < 270.
To make sure the reflection you want to access is within our range, please use the Kappa to 4-circle calculator or contact staff.

(**) The cooling braid blocks 40 degree of incident/outgoing beam, depending on the configuration (see picture below):

  • in grazing incidence (tth=th =0, chi = 90): -70<phi<70
  • at higher angles, more phi angles are accessible.
  • Delay-line microchannel plate, area detector
  • Si Photodiodes (x2) with angular acceptance 3 degrees and 0.14 degrees
  • Electron yield detection
  • Avalanche Photodiode - not available at this time (02/02/2021)
Sample Mounting
  • Flag Style (Cu, SS or Mo): drawing pdf
  • Reflection geometry
  • You can request sample holders to be shipped to your home institution ahead of time; contact beamline staff and provide a FedEx number.
  • IMPORTANT: Getting Ready For Your Experiment

Kappa Diffractometer

IEX in-vacuum Kappa diffractometer