Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering (RSXS)

In-vacuum Diffractometer
  • Kappa geometry
  • Horizontal scattering plane
  • Closed-cycle cryostat
  • Delay-line microchannel plate, area detector
  • Si Photodiodes (x2) with angular acceptance 3 degrees and 0.14 degrees
  • Avalanche Photodiode (APD)
  • Electron yield detection
Sample Mounting
  • Flag Style (Cu, SS or Mo)
  • Reflection geometry
  • Mounting Instructions
  • There is no azimuth or tilt. Please consider pre-aligning your sample if you need to access more q-space.
  • You can request sample holders to be shipped to your home institution ahead of time; contact beamline staff and provide a FedEx number.
  • IMPORTANT: Getting Ready For Your Experiment
Kappa Diffractometer





IEX in-vacuum Kappa diffractometer