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1-BM Optics and Detectors Testing Beamline

In 2012 beamline 1-BM was reconfigured to serve two missions: to provide a dedicated optics and detector testing (~75%) beamline, and Energy Dispersive Diffraction (EDD) (~25%) capabilities for the study of engineering materials (MPE Group). The optics and detector testing capabilities support the missions of the Optics (OPT) and Detectors (DET) groups to develop new technologies as well as characterize/calibrate optics and detectors produced at other labs and by industry. Frequent access to a repeatable testing setup is difficult to accommodate on beamlines set up to serve specific user communities. The reconfigured beamline retains the original double crystal monochromator (6 -28 keV) mechanics but was retrofitted with flat crystals. Upstream masks were modified and large aperture slits were installed to provide a wide horizontal beam for monochromatic- and white-beam topography of samples up to 100 mm in width. A novel msec-response white-beam shutter was also added to allow controlled exposures (as short as 50 msec) for topography, a capability that will serve a substantial soon-to-be-displaced NSLS user community while also serving needs of industry, as well as internal R&D (e.g. diamond crystals, and polarization-selecting crystal analyzers for inelastic x-ray scattering research).

Current optics Testing Capabilities include
  • Monochromatic topography
  • White beam topography
  • Talbot grating interferometry
  • K-B mirrors testing
  • Zone plate and multilayer layer Laue (MLL) testing.

Experiment proposal requests can be submitted using the APS Users proposal portal

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