Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility


The Detector group has developed detector-specific software which may be of interest to others. There is also a wide range of APS-developed scientific and data collection software available.


DetectorMPI Screen ImageDetector MPI is a QT and MPI-based graphical application for performing real-time processing of detector data. DetectorMPI is intended to be a template for the development of real-time processing on streamed detector image data. DetectorMPI reads data from a Linux pipe and scatters images to any number of processes running on multiple cores. A version of DetectorMPI is in use at APS Sector 8 for real-time compression of XPCS data collected by the Fast CCD detector. More information can be found in Madden, et. al. “Real-Time MPI-Based Software for Processing of XPCS Data,” IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, Seattle, WA, Nov. 8-15, 2014. Source code can be found here:

Contact: Timothy Madden

EPICS Launcher

EPICS Launcher has been developed for the Detector Pool in order to make EPICS software start-up easier. On Detector Pool computers, the GUI will start automatically after login. Select a detector from dropdown menu and load. Choose the correct model number, bit depth, etc. (if needed). Start IOC; Start MEDM; Start additional software as needed (e.g. ImageJ, IDL-MCA). We are currently working on custom Autosave files storage. Source code can be found here:

Contact: Russell Woods

EPICS Software on Github

The Detector Pool has been working with people at APS and other facilities around the world on EPICS software. Currently we have newer versions of the Xspress3 driver and a Dectris Mythen areaDetector driver available on GitHub.

The Detector Pool has general open source repository here: