The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Group Members

The Detector Pool is staffed during normal working hours, Monday-Friday during run period. On-call person can be paged at 2-9490 for assistance. For General questions, APS Detector Pool staff can be contacted at:


Group Members

Name Office Phone
Jonathan Baldwin 431-Z-030 (630) 252-6977
Rebecca Bradford 431-Z-006 (630) 252-1683
Lisa Gades 431-Z-007 (630) 252-9493
Tejas Guruswamy 431-Z-010 (630) 252-1256
Mike Hammer (Joint with Northwestern) 431-Z-006 (630) 252-6832
Antonino Miceli (Joint with Northwestern) 431-Z-011 (630) 252-8827
Umeshkumar Patel 431-Z-003 (630) 252-6431
Christopher Piatak 431-Z-030 (630) 252-6978
Orlando Quaranta (Joint with Northwestern) 431-Z-007 (630) 252-2553
Kyung-Wook Shin 431-Z-010 (630) 252-1256
John Weizeorick 431-Z-005 (630) 252-5702
Russell Woods 431-Z-003 (630) 252-5824
Daikang Yan (Northwestern Grad Student) 431-Z-010 N/A



Detector Lab Space

Name Office Phone
Detector Pool Lab 431-Z-020 2-9490
Superconducting Detectors 431-Z-031 2-3089
Pixel Detectors 401-L0125 2-3024
CCD Lab 401-L1112 2-5713
Spellman Tube 401-L0111 2-5713
Cage 437-E 2-0765
Annex 436-E095 2-xxxx