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Detector MPI is a QT and MPI-based graphical application for performing real-time processing of detector data. The software performs dark image integration and background subtraction in real time using the MPI library as images stream from the detector. DetectorMPI is intended to be a template for the development of real-time processing on streamed detector image data. DetectorMPI reads data from a Linux pipe and scatters images to any number of processes running on multiple cores. Dark images can be integrated in real time, with each process performing a partial integration, to compute an averaged dark image. This dark image is subsequently used in background subtraction, again done in real time on multiple cores, before all computed images are gathered, displayed, and streamed to an output Linux pipe. Alternatively, DetectorMPI can save data as TIFF files. A version of DetectorMPI is in use at APS Sector 8 for real-time compression of XPCS data collected by the Fast CCD detector.

Authors: Timothy Madden, John Weizeorick, Alec Sandy, Suresh Narayanan, Sufeng Niu

Acknowledgments: Peter Denes, John Joseph, Victoria Moeller-Chan, Dionisio Doering, Patrick McVitte (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)

Contact: Timothy Madden

User Guide

This software is distributed here:

The user manual can be found here: detectorMPIManual.pdf

To git the repo to your disk:
git clone