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Conley of XSD Shares R&D 100 Award


Ray Conley, Optics Fabrication Section Leader in the Optics (OPT) Group of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) X-ray Science Division at Argonne is one of four recipients of a 2015 “R&D 100 Award” for development of the binary pseudo-random calibration tool, which “provides the highest resolution ever achieved, 1.5 nanometers, and is used to characterize all advanced imaging systems from interferometers to electron microscopes, according to the award citation. “Metrology is a multibillion dollar industry that is an indispensable part of science and manufacturing.

This new metrological technology can calibrate a broad range of optical instruments, including those used for extreme ultraviolet lithography and high-precision visible light optics. Metrology techniques are used in practically all branches of modern industry, including interferometric microscopes, scanning and transmission electron microscopes, X-ray microscopes, and atomic force microscopes.” Conley’s co-recipients are Valeriy V. Yashchuk, X-ray optics laboratory leader, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Peter Z. Takacs, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Wayne R. McKinney, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Nathalie Bouet, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Stefano Cabrini, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and Sergey Babin, President, ABeam Technologies, Inc.

The R&D 100 awards, organized by R&D magazine, are given out annually at the R&D 100 Awards and Technology Conference in Las Vegas for the top technologies of the year. The awards are widely considered to be the "Oscars of Innovation," a moniker originated by the Chicago Tribune.  Argonne scientists have won 125 R&D 100 awards since they were first introduced in 1964.

The complete Argonne press release by Ton Kunz, including information about the other Argonne R&D 100 Award winners, can be found here.

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