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Milton Appointed as ANL LCLS Project Director

The Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) is a new DOE project to construct an x-ray free-electron laser at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). X-ray free-electron lasers promise exceptional brilliance and very short pulses, with exciting potential uses including the study of dynamics of materials and the structure of individual biological molecules. The APS will play a key role in the LCLS project with responsibility for the design and construction of over 100 meters of undulator and associated systems, in which the self-amplified spontaneous emission lasing will occur. The ANL/APS responsibility, which is expected to bring with it DOE funds of ~$50M in the next few years, represents about a quarter of the total project cost.

Until today, the APS side of the project has been ably overseen by Efim Gluskin, Director of the Experimental Facilities Division. However, as the project ramps up, it is essential that LCLS activities within the APS be managed by a dedicated ANL LCLS Project Director who will report directly to Murray Gibson, Associate Laboratory Director for the APS, and be responsible to John Galayda, the overall LCLS Project Director at SLAC. Steve Milton has accepted the position of ANL LCLS Project Director. Steve will manage a group of staff members matrixed from the APS organization.

Milton will retain his personal research interest in accelerator physics and his role as manager of the Low-Energy Undulator Test Line (LEUTL), but the major commitment he is making to LCLS obliges him to give up his leadership of the Accelerator Physics Group. Kathy Harkay has accepted the position of Group Leader for the Accelerator Physics Group.

"I am grateful to Steve Milton for his past leadership of the Accelerator Physics Group," Gibson said. "and I am confident that Steve's experience and ability will ensure the success of ANL's participation in this important national project.

"I am equally confident that Kathy Harkay will do an excellent job as Accelerator Physics Group Leader, and will work to ensure a very positive future for accelerator physics research at APS."

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