The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

34-ID Beamline Layout


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The 34-ID insertion device beamline is a dual-purpose beamline that supports coherent x-ray diffraction and x-ray microprobe techniques. This beamline is designed and constructed in a tandem configuration (not to be confused with the canted undulator configuration) based on a single APS undulator A and uses a horizontally deflecting mirror to split the beam into pink- and white-beam branches. The pink beam supplies a coherent x-ray diffraction experiment with a general-purpose diffractometer. A diamondcrystal monochromator may be inserted to permit studies with monochromatic radiation. The white-beam branch provides a microfocus diffraction experiment and includes an optional monochromator in the third optics enclosure. Both experiments are brilliance limited and can accept only a fraction of the divergence from the source. For this reason, the beam-splitting mirror, which divides the undulator beam, does not compromise the flux in either experiment.