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Overview of the 7-BM Beamline

The 7-BM beamline is dedicated to two major scientific thrusts.  The first is time-resolved measurements of complex fluid flowfields using x-ray radiography, phase contrast imaging, and fluorescence spectroscopy.  The second thrust is to provide high resolution (<5 micron) white beam x-ray tomography to a variety of user communities.  Funding for the final commissioning of 7-BM was provided by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Commissioning was completed at the end of FY2012. The beamline is currently operated by the X-Ray Science Division of the APS, with funding provided by the DOE Office of Science.

Major Areas of Research
  • Fuel sprays from automotive fuel injectors, both diesel and gasoline. See more on the X-Ray Fuel Spray web page from Argonne's Energy Systems Division.
  • Sprays for air-breathing propulsion.
  • Fuel injection for rocket injectors.
  • Gas-phase fuel injection, mixing, and combustion.
  • High-resolution x-ray tomography, especially of highly-absorbing samples.











Beamline Performance

Monochromatic Beam with Double Multilayer Monochromator

  • Total flux: 4 x 1011 ph/s at 8 keV
  • Energy range: 5 - 9 keV, 3.2% ΔE/E; 9-15 keV at 1.0% ΔE/E
  • Focus spot size: 5 x 6 μm FWHM
  • Detection bandwidth: up to 6.5 MHz

Monochromatic Beam with Single Multilayer Mirror

  • Beam size: 5 x 1 mm; beam height varies depending on energy
  • Energy range: 15 - 70 keV, 1-3% ΔE/E
  • Can be used for either imaging or focused-beam measurements

White Beam

  • Beam size 12 mm (H) x 5 mm (V)
  • Energy range: 5 - 100 + keV
  • A range of filters are available to tailor the effective beam energy for dense samples.
Status of 7-BM

In FY2019, 7-BM added two new capabilities.  The first is a multilayer mirror that can be mounted in 7-BM-B.  This multilayer mirror allows for imaging experiments with a monochromatic beam with far fewer artifacts and far greater energy flexibility than is possible with the beamline's double multilayer monochromator (DMM).  Second, this mirror can be used as a monochromator, allowing for focused-beam fluorescence measurements at far higher energies than were possible with the DMM alone.

The second major addition in FY2019 is a high-capacity compressed air supply.  This air supply can deliver 200 scfm of dried air at 100 psig pressure continuously, or higher flowrates in blowdown mode.  The addition of this air supply greatly expands the capacity of the beamline to probe larger-scale multiphase flows.

7-BM is currently accepting General Users. Beamtime requests should be made through the APS General User Proposal System.