The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Data Management

Data is stored on central APS storage using the APS DM system. Files are constantly monitored and automatically transferred to the data storage once system is setup for the experiment. Data can be retrieved remotely using the Globus platform.

Setup of data managment for specific experiment (beamline):

  • Start dm-station-gui (if this is not available execute source /home/dm/etc/dm.setup.csh)
  • In dm-station-gui select GUP or ESAF number and choose source directory and desired duration of backup
  • Additional users can be added as needed (only users listed here will have permission to remotely retrieve the data)
  • Command line options and more information can be found at

Retrieving data remotely (user):

  • Open
  • Use login of home institution or create personal login
  • Choose Transfer Files
  • Select first endpoint (source): aps#data
    • Login using d<badge number> and APS Web Password
    • Data directory can be found in /gdata/dm/4IDD/
  • Select second endpoint (target):
    • A new endpoint can be created on a local machine within the tab Endpoints
  • Select file or folder and press arrow to start data transfer. An email is send once the transfer is complete