Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Materials Physics and Engineering Group

New automotive materials promise lightweight design and improved performanceTurbine blades operate at increasingly higher temperaturesHow can we make today’s materials safer and more efficient? Can we merge experimental data with computational tools to design and engineer new materials? These questions are addressed with brilliant, high-energy x-rays by users and staff of the Materials Physics and Engineering (MPE) group. The MPE group operates the 1-ID and portions of both the 1-BM and 6-BM beamlines of the Advanced Photon Source.Together with users, we are developing x-ray techniques and in situ environments to study 'real materials, in real time and under real conditions'.

MPE group members
Name Location email phone
Jonathan Almer 431/A006 630-252-1049
Marija Erkapic 431/A006 630-252-5453
Peter Kenesei 431/A007 630-252-0133
Ali Mashayekhi 431/A009 630-252-0123
John Okasinski 431/A003 630-252-0162
Jun-Sang Park 431/A004 630-252-9194
Rogelio Ranay 431/B095 630-252-6031
Hemant Sharma 431/A002 630-252-0133
Sarvjit Shastri 431/A005 630-252-0129
Selected research highlights
An example of how x-ray research can aid the materials design loop

materials design loopA collaboration between defense (USAF), universities and national laboratories utilizes high-energy x-ray methods and advanced computational tools to understand and improve aerospace materials.