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Python-dtxrd scripts are the primary software tools used for simulation and calibration of measurements at 1-BM Optics Test beamline and at X-ray topography laboratory of the APS. Python-dtxrd is a collection of Python tools developed to aid X-ray diffraction evaluation of single crystals and multi-crystal configurations used in x-ray optics. Among the capabilities of the software are calculations of reflectivity/transmissivity using the dynamical theory of x-ray diffraction, construction of rocking curve maps (for sequential x-ray diffraction topography), calculation of x-ray flux based on PIN diode calibration curves provided by the APS Detector Pool and a few other helpful tools intended to help anyone working with x-ray crystal optics.


Distribution & Impact

The software is distributed under Open Source Licence.

The source code and Python installation script and documentation can be found on the web.

The codes can be executed from any Redhat linux station at the Advanced Photon Source through the BCDA group managed (APSshare) software collection /APSshare/epd/rh6-x86_64/bin/

Debian linux packages are available by contacting the author


Funding Source

This project has been produced using operational funding from the APS, contract DE-AC02-06CH11357.


Please cite

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Related Publications

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