The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Getting Beamtime


All MMG beamlines allocate 80% of their beam time to outside users. If you would like to perform an experiment on any of the 4-ID or 6-ID beamlines, you should should submit a general user proposal through the APS users office. For more information on the proposal submittion process, please visit the APS General User page. Also, feel free to contact any of our staff concerning questions you might have concerning the beamline capabilities.

After submission beamline proposals are assigned a number and evaluated by a peer review pane made up of local APS staff and outside expertsl. Proposals are then allocated beam time based on these scores. Users will be contacted by a Sector 4 staff person if beamtime has been allocated for their proposed experiments.

New users should consult the APS New Users page for detailed information on how to become an APS user, the APS Registration Process, User Agreements, establishment of a user account for supplies and services, and required safety training. 

Before you come

Safety is of paramount importance in conducting experiments at the APS. All experiments conducted on sector 4 beamlines must have an approved safety form before the start of their beam time. Each PI should submit an Experimental Safety Assesment Form (ESAF) through the APS web site after their proposal has been scheduled for beam time. Please make sure you review our Safety page for any further requirements.

Site access to the Argonne National Laboratory is only permitted with an ID badge or a visitor pass. Thus PIs should make sure that the beamline staff are aware of all experimenters which will be coming for an experiment so that the appropiate site access passes can be arranged.