The Advanced Photon Source
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APS PV Information

These pages describe the accelerator process variables beamlines might need to know about. The APS accelerator has over 500,000 PVs, so it's likely that the small sampling on these pages is incomplete. Please let Pete Jemian know if there are PVs are not included here, if there are errors or if you want to know if a PV exists.

Useful Process Variables
How to retrieve APS PVs

We have established PV Gateway machines to deliver sector specific information to each sector. The following paragraphs explain how to set up your Channel access clients to see the relevant process variables.

For UNIX Channel Access Clients

For most of the sectors the PV gateway resides in their own sector subnet and as such the env variable EPICS_CA_ADDR_LIST is not required. However if your sector is configured differently you will need the env variable to be set to the IP of the gateway for your sector.


The sector specific Gateway IP can be obtained from the beamline staff.

For IOC Channel Access Clients

For most cases with the PV gateway residing in the sector subnet nothing need to be done to access the process variables from the APS control system. Sectors whose network configuration is different than mentioned above will need to set a few parameters in the bootup file of the IOC.

Add the following so CA has a route to the PV Gateway.

putenv ""

Here, the routeAdd statement is the IP of the router and the putenv is the pv gateway.

Can't connect to a PV

If you still can't connect to a process variable it is possible that the gateway machine needs a configuration change to allow you access. Please contact Marty Smith to check gateway configuration