The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Sector Contacts

APS-U Feature Beamline Assignments
BeamlineBCDA Contact
4-ID-POLARKurt GoetzeJoe Sullivan
8-ID-XPCSKeenan Lang
9-ID-CSSIMax Wyman
19-ID-ISNKevin Peterson
20-ID-HEXM Kurt Goetze
28-ID-CHEX Keenan Lang
33-ID-PTYCHO Kevin Peterson
APS Beamline Assignments
BeamlineBCDA Contact
XSD-1-ID                      Kurt GoetzeJoe Sullivan
XSD-1-BMKeenan Lang
XSD-2Mark Engbretson
XSD-3Kurt Goetze
XSD-4Tim Mooney
XSD-6Keenan Lang
XSD-6-HT-HEDMKurt Goetze
XSD-6-BMJeff Kirchman
XSD-8-IDTom Walsh
XSD-8-BMMax Wyman
XSD-9-IDKevin Peterson
XSD-9-BMJeff Kirchman
XSD-11-IDBryan Monk
XSD-11-BMTim Mooney
XSD-12Jeff Kirchman
XSD-16Mark Engbretson
XSD-17Max Wyman
XSD-20Max Wyman
GMCA/XSD-23Joe Sullivan
XSD-25Max Wyman
CNM/XSD-26Mark Engbretson
XSD-27Jeff Kirchman
XSD-28Keenan Lang
XSD-29Fanny Rodolakis
XSD-30Kurt Goetze
XSD-32Kevin Peterson
XSD-33Dave Cyl
XSD-34Dave Cyl
DCS@APS(35-ID)Tom Walsh
Support Liaisons for XSD beamlines (ICMS)
In case you cannot reach your sector contact, please reach out to the BCDA Group Leader, Joe Sullivan.


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BCDA Sector Contacs