The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition Software

The following list represents the Beamline support software pages maintained by the BCDA Group.

  • synApps: Beamline-control and Data-acquisition componets for EPICS
    • autosave: Support for saving PV values through an ioc reboot
    • calc: Device for run-time expression evaluation, and other calculations
    • ebrick: EPICS Brick (end of life)
    • ip: Device support and databases for some serial IndustryPack devices
    • love: Love serial digital controllers
    • motor: Motor support
    • optics: Support for x-ray optics
    • sscan: Support for moving positioners, triggering detectors, acquiring and storing data
    • std: Miscellaneous support
    • vme: Device support and databases for some VME devices
    • xxx: Sample user application, which builds, loads, and runs software from all synApps modules.
  • SPEC: Collection of SPEC macros distributed by BCDA
  • Data Acquisition: CCD Support
  • Data Visualization: tools used at the APS beamlines
  • caQtDM: EPICS GUI client 
  • Bluesky: Python based data acquisition system (under evaluation